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5 Reasons Why Every Baseball Team Should Have a Camera System

The future of baseball is here. Check out these 5 reasons why every team should be using a camera system to help players develop and improve.

by Adam Wood

Writer, researcher and soccer coach. Devotee of The Beautiful Game. Lifelong learner and community-building advocate.

Game film is going to play a big part in the future of baseball and softball. That trend is already starting, with the MLB and many college programs using baseball camera systems to help players learn about and improve the way they play.

But using game film doesn’t just help older players at the very highest level improve. In fact, the developmental benefits of using a baseball camera system are even greater with younger teams and players. Read on for five reasons why every baseball team, regardless of age or competition level, should use a baseball camera system.

5 Reasons to Use a Baseball Camera System

1. Game film accelerates development.

Today’s young players are visual learners. They use video to absorb information in every single other aspect of their lives — so why not on the baseball field? When young players see themselves on video, they become excited. They become more engaged. They begin to improve faster, because they can see firsthand their strengths and weaknesses and can easily understand where they need to improve. 

2. The camera doesn’t lie.

It’s easy for players, parents and coaches to get caught up in the heat of the moment. Unfortunately, those emotions cloud our memories and create biases. We misremember things. But that doesn’t happen when every moment of the game has been caught and recorded on video — the camera shows exactly what happened, and when, and how, and even why. This removes subjectivity from the equation, and builds transparency.

3. You have all the action in one place.

Nobody wants to sift through hours of footage, fast-forwarding to find every important moment. Most coaches couldn’t spend that time and effort, even if they wanted to.

So don’t! Baseball camera systems (like Trace) do that work for you. Not only does Trace automatically film and edit your game for you, it actually breaks the game down into its most important and exciting moments. You can always watch the full game film if you want — or you can just use the Trace playlists, which organize every meaningful moment of the game into a set of convenient tags.

4. It lets you focus on coaching.

Using game film removes all the guesswork from coaching. In the immediate aftermath of a tough loss, it can be hard to know where it all went wrong. It can be easy to second-guess yourself. 

Baseball camera systems let you take a step back before going back to the footage to see where things went wrong. Even more importantly, it lets you isolate those most important moments to give specific feedback to players and design practices around what exactly needs to be corrected. Baseball camera systems make your job easier, and let you be an even more effective coach. 

5. It makes college recruitment simpler and easier.

When your team uses a baseball camera system, every single player gets high-quality footage of every play they make. Those moments are incredibly valuable during the college recruitment process, when college coaches expect to see prospective players in action (but often don’t have the time or energy to make it out to see entire games).

With every moment available on demand, players can easily create and curate their own recruiting playlists to share with college coaches. This takes the burden off of coaches’ and parents’ shoulders, and puts the power and responsibility in players’ hands.


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