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5 Reasons Why Parents Love Baseball Camera Systems

More and more baseball and softball teams are recording every game with systems like Trace. Here's why parents love baseball cameras.

by Griffin Lloyd

Former college athlete and video editor. Current content creator, sports enthusiast and dog dad.

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Trace Camera for Baseball and Softball

Recording baseball helps players improve faster, but recording a game is just the first step. Players have to analyze game moments to learn, to grow, and to get out of the habits that keep some players from moving to the next level. 

For many parents, camera systems for capturing baseball or softball are a must have. Memories from baseball games are priceless, and sharing those memories with family members is a powerful way to keep in touch with loved ones.  

1. Save Priceless Baseball Memories

What parent doesn’t want footage of their kid? Most parents would pay a lot of money if they could access footage from when they played sports during their childhood. Before game film systems like Trace and iPhones, capturing footage was not feasible for most people. Now, Trace takes all the difficult and time-consuming work out of recording and editing games. After each game, Trace sends every parent and player their child’s personalized moments. Trace playlists document every hit, every catch and every pitch for you to save, share and enjoy. Forever.

Sample Game Film from Trace

2. Record the Individual Successes of Your Child

Whether your kid plays for fun or plays for a competitive team, everyone is out on that diamond for a reason. For younger teams, video is a way to learn and develop. Trace’s short-form video makes this learning process easy and engaging, so players actually take the time to review lessons. For higher level teams, game film is a necessity. In the high school age group, nearly every team will be recording their baseball or softball games, whether it’s for coaching purposes in film sessions or for individual use as a college recruiting tool.

Canes Baseball Player and Coach

3. Improve the Learning Process with Visual Learning

With the amount of short-form video content in the media these days, kids of all ages are relying on their ability to learn visually. Things are no different when it comes to learning in sports. With around 65% of the population being comprised of visual learners, there is something to say for seeing a situation play out from a different perspective. Watching moments from a game gives feedback to assess what went right, and what may have gone wrong. Assessing these moments provides valuable information to take into the next game.

4. Faster Player Development for Your Child

Watching yourself play from a 3rd person perspective is key to evaluating what you’ve done well and what you can work to improve in the next game. In order to develop, it’s important that players recognize their own strengths and also to identify areas to be better. There’s no hiding when it comes to reviewing game film, and it can often be looked at as a reality check for players resistant to feedback.

5. Set your Child’s Team Up to Win Games

Watching your performance is a fantastic way to improve quickly, and watching how team members interact can boost the team’s performance.  Video is a way to fix problems on the field and can be the tool that gets your team out of a slump, that helps a coach identify weak links, and that reinforces the strengths of players. Coaches can help players improve positioning, stance, and overall mechanics with game film. The more you know about your team’s weaknesses, the better you can work to overcome them and come out on top. 

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