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Adam Wood, Author at Trace

The Best Gameday Meals For Peak Athletic Performance

To play your best, you have to feel your best. That means fueling your body with delicious and nutritious foods like these.

Nutrition Player Development
Tactics and Formations for 9v9 Soccer

Tournament season means U10 teams trying out 9v9 soccer for the first time. Get a head start with these tips for success!

9v9 Coaching
Five Amazing Baseball Moments You Don't Want to Miss

Baseball teams using the Trace camera have captured some amazing moments. Here are a few of our favorites.

baseball Baseball / Softball
Pregame routine
Pregame Tips to Help You Perform at Your Very Best

How do you prepare for every soccer game? These five pregame tips will help you feel relaxed, confident and powerful.

Player Development Player Development
the ride home after a loss
What to Say on the Ride Home After a Loss

A few tips to turn the ride home after a soccer game into an opportunity for recovery, relaxation and positive reflection.

Parents Player Development
Scanning the soccer field over your shoulder
Five Videos to Help You Scan the Field and Build Awareness

Learn how this simple, essential skill will help you see opponents, find teammates and recognize space.

Player Development Player Development
5 Reasons Why Every Baseball Team Should Have a Camera System

The future of baseball is here. Check out these 5 reasons why every team should be using a camera system to help players develop and improve.

Baseball / Softball
How to Write the Perfect Trace iD Bio

Check out these tips to craft a perfect Trace iD bio and seal a scholarship to your dream school!

College Recruiting Recruiting
Self-Reflection Builds Confidence!
Using Positive Self-Reflection to Boost Soccer Skills

Self-reflection empowers players. Use our guided questions to build reflection as a valuable lifelong habit.

Player Development Player Development
Trace & Football DNA
Trace and Football DNA Announce Content Partnership

Trace and Football DNA join forces in their mission to nurture and accelerate player and coach development by making exceptional content available to everyone!

Football DNA News
Top Soccer Goalie Drills for Diving & Agility

Goalkeepers have to be explosive. Train your reflexes with these soccer goalie drills from Football DNA.

Goalie Drills Goalkeeper
Trace Best Defensive Drills
Our Favorite Defensive Soccer Drills

Every player is a defender. Cultivate that instinct with amazing defensive soccer drills from our friends at Football DNA.

Coaching Player Development
CDA Slammers FC

Coach and parent Eric Dykes shares how Trace helped his players elevate their game and achieve their college soccer dreams.

Case Study Team Case Study
Watch: Take Charge of the Soccer Recruiting Process with Trace iD

Learn how Trace iD helps coaches identify talent by empowering players during the college recruitment process.

College Recruiting College Recruitment
Watch: Trace iD Playlists for Soccer Player Development

Trace iD helps soccer players take charge of their own development by making video review easy, engaging and fun.

Coaching Player Development
Watch: Trace iD Profiles for Coaches

Learn how soccer coaches are using Trace iD to make video analysis easy, and to promote individual and team development.

Coaching Player Development
How to Use Soccer Statistics to Improve

Soccer statistics don't tell the whole story, but they can be a valuable learning tool to help you elevate your game.

Player Development Statistics
Top Soccer Drills for 10 Year Old Players

These soccer drills for 10 year olds teach young players to love the game & develop skills in a fun way.

10 year olds Drills
MLS NEXT vs. ECNL vs. GA: How to Choose Your Soccer League

These three leagues all offer elite resources and exposure. So which top-tier competition is right for your player?

ECNL Girls Academy
Trace Founder & CEO is a guest on Andrew Medal's Action and Ambition podcast
Action and Ambition Podcast Welcomes Trace Founder & CEO David Lokshin

Founder and CEO joins Andrew Medal's Action and Ambition podcasts to share his insights into the growth and journey of Trace.

Crossing and Finishing
Trace Toolkit: Crossing and Finishing

Build confidence and a lethal goalscoring touch with these super crossing and finishing drills.

Attacking Coaching
girl soccer player shooting and scoring
Trace Toolkit: Shooting Drills to Score More Goals

Scoring goals is harder than it looks. These shooting drills will help players develop confidence in front of goal.

Attacking Coach
Trace Toolkit: Creating More (and Better) Chances

Scoring goals depends on creating chances. Help your teams play free-flowing soccer with these creative attacking drills!

Coaching Drills
Trace Toolkit: Keeping Possession

Use these possession games to make keeping the ball feel purposeful and exciting.

Coaching Drills
soccer players rondo
Trace Toolkit: The Art of the Rondo

Rondos are a valuable soccer coaching tool. Spice up your team's sessions with these fun new rondo variations!

Coaching Drills
New Pathways to US Professional Women's Soccer

Exciting new developments in professional women's soccer offer a streamlined pathway for youth players.

Player Development
Trace Toolkit: How to Build Soccer Speed and Agility

Train yourself to be faster, quicker, and sharper on the field with simple methods.

Agility Drills
How (and Why) to Improve Your Soccer Vision

Stellar soccer vision comes from hard work and good habits. Read how to enhance on-field awareness.

Passing Player Development
Youth Boy playing soccer
How the U.S. Men’s Professional Soccer Pyramid Impacts Youth Players

The US soccer system is still not perfect, but new structure offers youth players a smoother pathway to the pros.

Player Development
Transitioning From 9v9 to 11v11 in Youth Soccer

The challenges that youth soccer players must overcome when making the transition from 9v9 to 11v11.

Coach Player
soccer players ecnl on field
St. Croix Soccer Club

How Trace empowers players to own their development process. "Our players and parents really appreciate the consistency.”

Team Case Study
How to Keep Kids Engaged in Soccer Off the Field

Tips for keeping players excited and engaged with soccer when they are out of season.

Player Development
The Trace Guide to Building Out of the Back

Building out of the back is a key skill for creating opportunities and structuring the field to your advantage.

Player Development
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