Trace creates individual highlights that make your player better - at every age and level of play.

Griffin Lloyd, Author at Trace

North FC teams up with Trace for Automatic Player Highlights and Statistics Club-Wide

The club will benefit from Trace's intelligent AI recording and editing technology to take their player development to the next level.

Trace Makes Post-Game Video Analysis Much Faster

New feature focused on player development gives coaches game, player, and play context for faster & more impactful analysis.

Next Level Soccer Academy Partners with Trace for Player Highlights and Performance Statistics

With an automated camera system now available club-wide, players, parents, and coaches can finally forget the hassle of a traditional video solution and editing process.

5 Features Every Soccer Parent Wants in a Soccer Camera

Finding the right soccer camera can be difficult. We surveyed more than 300 parents to learn about the features that are most important to them when it comes to recording soccer games.

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Eddie Johnson, former USMNT, World Cup, EPL, and MLS All-Star joins the Trace family

A partnership that will provide his players with highlights and performance metrics after every game.

players at a college soccer showcase
College Soccer Showcases: Everything You Need to Know

The complete guide to attending a college soccer showcase, with tips on how to get noticed and find the best fit at the next level.

College Recruiting Parent
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Soccer Camera for Parents

From a powerful AI soccer camera to recording games with your phone, here's the ultimate guide to find the best camera in the market.

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Soccer player on phone
Why You Don’t Need Video Editing Apps to Create Soccer Highlight Videos

Want to create the best soccer highlight videos? You don’t need video editing apps, just an AI-powered sports camera.

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Legends FC Extends Partnership with Trace for Personalized Video and Metrics Club-Wide

Legends FC extends partnership with Trace to provide personalized video and metrics to all their players.

5 Features That Make Trace the Ultimate Action Camera for Youth Soccer

Consisting of durability, mobility, and powerful AI, Trace is the perfect action camera for capturing every soccer moment.

6 Things to Consider When Filming Soccer Games with your Phone

Filming soccer games with your phone should allow you to find every angle each game. With the help of Trace, now you can.

Parent Soccer
Why you Should Be Using Trace to Record Soccer Games

Learn why Trace's AI camera system is the easiest way to record your soccer games and edit your highlights afterwards.

Shooters SC Partners with Trace to Further Prioritize Player Development Through Personalized Video

Shooters SC partners with Trace for personalized video and performance metrics to further prioritize development.

5 Reasons Why Editing Your Soccer Highlight Video is Outdated

Editing soccer highlight videos takes time and money you could have back if you turn to the newest technology.

College Recruiting
The Difference Between NCAA and NAIA College Soccer

Looking to play college soccer? Here's a breakdown of the differences at the NCAA and NAIA levels.

College Recruiting Parent
Basic Guide to the Coaching License Pathway in US Soccer

A short-form guide to the progression of coaching licenses necessary to climb the ranks in US soccer.

Coach Soccer
Why Your Coaching Philosophy Needs to Constantly Adapt in Youth Soccer

As youth soccer continues to grow and evolve, so must your coaching philosophy.

Coach Soccer
How to Build an Effective Practice Plan in Youth Soccer

A quick guide for building the most effect team practice plan for youth soccer teams.

Player Development
Why Youth Soccer Players Need More Attention than One Coach Offers

Learn how to balance the demands of coaching a youth soccer team and give your players the attention they need.

Coach Soccer
6 Things Every Soccer Coach Can Do to Prioritize Player Development

Want to prioritize player development on your way to winning soccer games? Here are six things you can do as a coach!

Player Development
Setting Goals in Sports: Why It's Important and How to Do It

Discover the importance of goal setting in sports and learn how to establish goals for every athlete and team.

Player Development Soccer
7 Tips to Strengthen Player-Coach Relationships

Communication can be difficult in sports, especially in any player-coach relationship. These seven tips are sure to help.

Player Development
Copper Mountain Soccer Club Partners with Trace to Advance Player Development and Recruitment

Copper Mountain Soccer Club partners with Trace for personalized video and metrics for every player.

How Video Analysis with Trace Can Improve Your Team

Want to see your team perform better? Check out how video analysis can help improve individual and team play.

Player Development
5 Reasons why Trace is the Best Video Camera to Record Soccer Games for Coaches

Trace is an automated, AI-powered sports camera. Here are the top reasons why it's a must-have for any soccer coach.

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Why You Need a Soccer Highlight Video for College Recruiting

Why the college soccer recruiting process has become so virtual and why highlight videos are more than important than ever.

College Recruiting
The Top Benefits of Video Analysis in Sports

Recording games just isn't enough anymore. Here are six reasons your team should be doing video analysis this season.

Player Development
How to Coach Baseball Effectively with Video

Video is the quickest way to show your team what's working and what isn't. With Trace, we make the process easier than ever before.

Baseball / Softball
8 Quick Tips for Youth Baseball Coaches

Whether this is your first time coaching youth baseball or just looking improve your team, here are 8 quick tips for a successful season.

Baseball / Softball
Top Baseball Drills for 7- 8 Year Olds

If you're looking for the best drills for your 7-8 year old, we recommend starting with the fundamentals and progressing from there.

Baseball / Softball Player
6 Ways Families Benefit from Recording Games with Trace

Families can now move forward with Trace at any time, and here's why it might be a perfect fit for you and your kids.

Player Development
Celtic Soccer Club

Coach Tobias and Jeremiah of Celtic St. Patrick share how implementing Trace has saved them time on the entire video process.

Team Case Study
How to Handle a Disappointing Tryout with Your Athlete

A disappointing tryout can be overwhelming for any athlete. Here's how you as a parent can help them bounce back.

Player Development
5 Keys to Successful Offseason Training

Big strides can be made during the offseason, but you may not know where to start. Here's a guide to stay sharp.

Player Development
How One Coach Uses Trace Soccer Game Film for Player Homework

How one soccer coach uses the Trace camera for actionable post-game analysis.

Player Development
Record and Analyze Batting to Improve Faster

You can now use your phone to record unlimited angles for better insight and review with MultiCam.

Baseball / Softball
coaches at soccer tryouts
What Coaches Look For At Youth Soccer Tryouts

Here's what coaches are looking for in players at soccer tryouts and how players can stand out.

Player Development
Record Unlimited Angles From Anywhere Along the Field with MultiCam

MultiCam enables users to captures footage from anywhere along the field to view alongside Trace moments.

Youth sports
How to Navigate Tryouts in Youth Sports: Parent Tips

There's no hiding the stress that can come with tryouts in youth sports. Here's how you can help as a parent.

Player Development
5 Ways Coaches Can Encourage Their Youth Sports Team

Every team has their ups and downs. Here are 5 ways you can encourage your players at all times.

Player Development
How Your Club Can Benefit By Keeping Up With The Latest Sports Technology

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest sports technology. Here are a few reasons why your club can benefit from staying up to date.

amber morgan soccer player
How One Athlete Uses Her Trace iD for College Recruiting

Trace iD is the home for all your best moments. Here's how one athlete uses Trace iD so effectively.

College Recruiting Parent
youth soccer
How to Prevent Burnout in Youth Sports

Burnout in youth sports has been a wide topic of discussion as of late. Here are a few signs to be aware of.

Player Development
4 Drawbacks of Softball and Baseball Live Streaming Products

Baseball / Softball
Youth Soccer Players
3 Signs Your Soccer Player is Ready for the Next Level

Looking for signs that your player is ready for the next step? Here are 3 things to look for on and off the field.

Player Development
5 Ways to Build Community Within Your Team

Strategies for bringing teams together around shared goals, team bonding, and building team leaders.

Player Development
5 Reasons Why Parents Love Baseball Camera Systems

More and more baseball and softball teams are recording every game with systems like Trace. Here's why parents love baseball cameras.

baseball Baseball / Softball
7 Things to Know About Soccer Combines

What players should know when planning to attend a combine to get noticed by college coaches.

College Recruiting Parent
Why Short Form Video Works for Youth Baseball & Softball Teams

Why record every baseball or softball game? The benefits to players are can be huge from a learning and player development perspective.

baseball Baseball / Softball
Trace iD soccer highlight video
The Benefits of Trace iD vs. Traditional Soccer Highlight Videos

Trace iD is a simple and seamless solution to the headache of making traditional soccer highlight videos.

College Recruiting College Recruitment
Fundamental Soccer Drills for 5 Year Olds

It's never too young to start playing. Build your kiddo's confidence with our guide to soccer drills for 5 year olds.

Drills Player Development
Why Short-Form Video Works for U8 to U11 Teams

Why U12 and younger players love to watch and learn from short-form, personalized video.

Player Development
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