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Watch: Soccer Profiles That Get Noticed

Key factors for choosing the right college soccer program to find the best possible fit.

College Recruiting playing at a d1 school
Top 5 Things College Coaches Want to See in Soccer Highlight Videos

Here are some key items that coaches consider important in soccer highlight videos.

College Recruiting
Embed Your Club's Latest Goals on Your Website

Trace enables clubs to embed their teams' latest goals on their websites to highlight memorable soccer moments.

College Recruiting
Recording Soccer Games to Overcome the Division I Recruiting Dead Period

How to use soccer game video recordings to give yourself an edge in the college recruiting process.

College Recruiting
Attracting Soccer College Recruiters to your Game Film

Check out these pointers to make your soccer recruitment reel stand out from the crowd.

College Recruiting
Three Youth Development Tracks to Prepare For College Recruitment

Finding the right youth development soccer program will improve skills and increase chances of college recruitment.

College Recruiting
Tips to Improve Field Awareness While Dribbling

With all of the pressure to maintain a good dribble, it's easy to forget that there’s an entire field full of players around you.

Player Player Development
Soccer Recruiting Advice for Future Graduating Classes

Future graduating classes have an opportunity to take advantage of a new age in college recruiting.

College Recruiting
How She Landed a Division I Soccer Scholarship with only Game Video

Without many opportunities for college coaches to see Katie play, Coach Richards turned to soccer game film.

College Recruiting
Are College Soccer ID Camps Worth it?

College Soccer ID camps are an essential part of the college soccer recruiting process. And they're only getting bigger.

College Recruiting Parent
How to Get Parents Excited about Soccer Game Film

Find out how Trace is proving to parents that recording games is an integral part of player development.

Player Development
4 Don'ts to Get Recruited for College Soccer

College recruiters want to hear from you, not your mom or your dad. Own the process so you can feel proud of the results!

College Recruiting
A Foundation for Youth Soccer Drills in 2020

Are you revitalizing your soccer drills for the 2020 season? Practices should be fresh, exciting and educational.

Player Development
5 Do’s to Get Recruited for College Soccer

Unless you play for a top ten ECNL or DA team, game film is the best way to get the foot in the door at your dream school.

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