Our AI platform identifies individual moments, on the diamond or in the field, then automatically edits them for sharing & review.

Relive the game moment by moment

Trace is short personalized videos you can't wait to watch. Keep the moments that matter most to your
one click away.

Cover all your bases with this end-to-end video solution for capturing and organizing all the action on the diamond.

Record every Baseball and Softball game

Say goodbye to editing game film

Trace comes with an autonomous camera to capture all the action. Enjoy the game without operating a camera. Get personalized playlists for every team member automatically hours after the game.

Never miss a
moment with Trace

Trace offers so much more than raw footage. Every player, coach, and parent receives personalized game results.

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🎥 Capture moments from every single game

The TraceCam records the entire diamond all on its own. It never misses a moment; you turn TraceCam on and forget about it until the game ends. TraceCam can record up to three 90 minutes games and can film in a range of weather too!

We'll send you a portable Tripod that accends up to 16 feet and collapses down to 4 feet (you absolutely don't need a pickup truck to haul our Tripod) or if you'd prefer to mount the TraceCam to the fence, we'll send you a portable fence mount instead.

Players put a 0.6oz Tracer in their back pocket. Tracers are jam-packed with gizmos and gadgets that help us understand the finer details of a game so it can automatically edit.

✂️ Focus on what’s important with automatic editing

Trace automatically clips each player's at-bats and defensive plays. The team's hits, RBI's, outs, and base running will also be automatically clipped into playlists. Whether you're a player, parent, or coach, get to the video you want without the hassle of editing raw game footage. Trace is the only AI platform that automatically edits your game into actionable playlists of short, personalized videos.

🤳 More camera angles. More possibilities with MultiCam

MultiCam lets you record other angles of the game from your own phone. With no extra cost, you can capture your baseball moments from any vantage point.

Whether you want video from one of the baselines, from behind the plate or from the outfield, Trace empowers you to get the video you want. Advanced stitching software automatically switches to the optimal view when your game moments are delivered.

Designed for everyone, both on and off the field


Improve faster. View development from game to game. Share your video easily.

  • Short, personalized moments of your action on the field
  • Easy-to-use interface to take action to improve after every game.
  • Spotlight your position on the field with MultiCam technology.
  • Store all your moments on your Trace iD profile.


Keep memories forever. Take an active role in your kid's development.

  • Get all of your child's moments delivered to your inbox within hours of the game.
  • Store baseball and softball memories forever.
  • Watch your child's progress over time
  • Share moments with family members or college coaches.


Streamline game film analysis. Enable 1-on-1 coaching.

  • Say goodbye to manual editing forever.
  • Tactical playlists and inning-by-inning breakdowns.
  • Radar view, heat maps, and other tools to help players visualize and learn.
  • Promote your team or club to attract the best talent.

The Ultimate Camera System for Baseball and Softball

Trace makes the experience of watching games more rewarding. Say goodbye to raw game footage and hello to more engaging game film. After your team signs up for Trace, you can expect an email from Trace 12-16 hours after each game with a direct link to a personalized playlist of the most meaningful moments.