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Trace creates individual highlights that make your player better - at every age and level of play.

Tracing baseball or softball scrimmages at practice

If it looks like a game… you can Trace it.

Yes, it is possible to Trace scrimmages or practice. However, in order for TRACE_BOT to process your results correctly, you have to simulate real-game conditions as closely as possible. (Want to Trace batting practice or dugout sessions? Get instructions.)

Best practices for Tracing a scrimmage:

✅ Only 1 team wears Tracers

What you need to do

  • Separate your players into Team A & Team B
  • Play on a field with four bases
  • Create a new Trace game as you normally would
  • Switch from hitting to fielding as you normally would
  • Important: Assign Tracers to Team A roster only
  • Do not substitute players from one team to another.

The results

✅ Video
✅ Tactical Playlists
✅ Player Moments (Team A)
✅ Tactical playlists (Team A)

❌ Both teams wear Tracers

Trace will not work properly if both teams are wearing Tracers.