Trace creates individual highlights that make your player better - at every age and level of play.

Baseball and Softball tags

TRACE_BOT is the name for the AI that automatically edits your games. Each moment is selected based on a set of actions and criteria that TRACE_BOT detects. TRACE_BOT then matches those actions with the players who were involved in those plays. Ending in a playlist of moments for each player within hours after you finish playing.

Auto-tagging actions

TRACE_BOT is looking for different types of events you may be interested in as a player, coach, or parent. We tag and display each action so you can quickly browse any playlist and get an immediate idea of what is going on in each moment.

offensivemoment occurs when your team is hitting
defensivemoment occurs in the outfield
at bata player has an at bat
hit batter has reached base
home runbatter hit the ball into play and reached home base. Also available are single, double, and triple
walkbatter has reached on a walk
outbatter did not reach base
Kstrikeout occurs
pitcherpitcher’s moments
SBrunner has stolen a base
inninginning in which the play occurs (ex. 1st inning)

Auto-tagging players

TRACE is the only video system that personalizes game film for players. We do this through player detection powered by the Tracers worn during the game. When TRACE_BOT detects a touch, that player will get assigned to a moment. Multiple touches close to each other in time will be displayed as a “touch chain” and wind up in the Touch Chain’s playlist.

Moment involving 1 player
Moment involving 5 players

An avatar represents each player in the order their touch was detected. Avatars are displayed as initials or as the profile picture that was added to that player’s Trace iD.

A player is identified on his/her personal playlist with a blue outline.
Spotlight is available
The Trace iD profile image will replace this player’s initials