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Player Rosters

When to fill out the roster?

Fill out your roster as soon as possible after you create your team. It is important that the roster is in place before you create your first game. This will ensure that every player and parent will get the automatic match result emails.

Add a new player

Tap on an empty roster slot and enter your player & parent info.

Every person in the Trace system has to have a unique email address. Parent emails need to be added as parents and not players.

If you need to create an email address for someone who does not have one, we recommend you use gmail or google families. If you do not have a player email at the time of creating your roster, we recommend leaving his/her position blank until you do. An un-assigned tracer will still collect data.

Remove a player

If a player is sitting out this game or they are no longer on your roster you need to Remove them.

Tap the player‘s roster slot and select Remove. This player will be moved to the “Players Without Tracers” section of your roster.

You cannot permanently delete players from your team at this time.

Move a player to another Tracer

If you want to move a player or swap them with someone else.

Tap the player‘s roster slot and select Move. Next, tap the Tracer number you would like to move them in to.

Access these options from the player panel in a specific game

Find the profile panel for the player you want to remove or move. Tap on the ••• more menu to see the available options. Use this option if the wrong player is assigned to a Tracer or if you want to remove a player from a Tracer in a specific game.