Trace creates individual highlights that make your player better - at every age and level of play.

Teams & Staff

Finding your team settings

The settings for your team(s) can be found in your Trace account navigation.

Update Teams

Go to your subscription settings, tap Teams, then tap on any team to edit its settings & roles.

Update the team Title and Abbreviation. Remember, your team title will show up on national leaderboards, so make sure to make it something that makes it easy for people to find (Ex.: Instead of “04 Girls” use “GA Academy 04 Girls”.) Abbreviations will show up in the score section of your game results.

Update the Gender and Birth year sections. Only teams with these sections filled in will appear in leaderboards.

Add Coaches & Managers

Go to your subscription settings, tap Coaches & Managers, then tap on any person to edit settings & roles or invite members.