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10 Ways Coaches Can Help Players Raise Their Soccer IQ

Boost soccer IQ with these coaching strategies to help your players make smarter decisions on the field, improve their game, & more.

Watch: 90-second player reviews with Trace

Revolutionize how coaches give player feedback with Trace with this short video tutorial.

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AI-Personalized Video: The New Essential for Youth Soccer Clubs

Read more on key insights from the Year of Video in Youth Soccer report.

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Coaching with Trace

Trace makes it super easy for soccer coaches to prep video sessions and make game review engaging for players. Learn how to accelerate your players' development through video.

Basic Guide to the Coaching License Pathway in US Soccer

A short-form guide to the progression of coaching licenses necessary to climb the ranks in US soccer.

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Why Your Coaching Philosophy Needs to Constantly Adapt in Youth Soccer

As youth soccer continues to grow and evolve, so must your coaching philosophy.

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Why Youth Soccer Players Need More Attention than One Coach Offers

Learn how to balance the demands of coaching a youth soccer team and give your players the attention they need.

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5 Reasons why Trace is the Best Video Camera to Record Soccer Games for Coaches

Trace is an automated, AI-powered sports camera. Here are the top reasons why it's a must-have for any soccer coach.

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5 Ways to Build Community Within Your Team

Strategies for bringing teams together around shared goals, team bonding, and building team leaders.

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Trace Toolkit: Shooting Drills to Score More Goals

Scoring goals is harder than it looks. These shooting drills will help players develop confidence in front of goal.

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Transitioning From 9v9 to 11v11 in Youth Soccer

The challenges that youth soccer players must overcome when making the transition from 9v9 to 11v11.

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Radar View and Heat Maps in Youth Soccer

How to use radar view and heat maps to win more games and improve your performance faster.

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