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Score Big with These Top Gift Ideas for Youth Soccer Players

The ultimate guide to buying a gift for soccer players. Get your player the best soccer present this year.

Top Reasons You Should Capture Your Kid's Soccer Highlights

Soccer highlights not only serve as cherished memories but also have practical benefits for your child's development and growth as an athlete.

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Webinar: How to get every highlight of your kid this season

Trace CEO David Lokshin discusses how families can rewatch and relive games on Trace and walks through the tactical ways to operate the product.

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soccer coach teaching kids
Parent's Guide to Soccer Rules

To be the most supportive parent to your child’s budding youth soccer career, you need to know the rules of the game. Read on for a rundown of basic soccer rules to keep you cheering on the sidelines.

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kids playing soccer
Benefits of Playing Soccer for Youth

Having your child play a sport at a young age is a great way to kickstart their physical, mental, and social development, but soccer offers many benefits they can carry with them for a lifetime.

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soccer dad
5 Gift Ideas for Soccer Dads

Here's a list of great gift ideas for soccer dads for Father's Day, birthdays, or just to show your appreciation.

Eddie Johnson's 10 signs your player could be the next Lionel Messi

Does your child have what it takes to be the next soccer prodigy? These 10 signs might just help you find out.

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aerial picture of a soccer field
How Big is a Soccer Field?

From impressive professional venues to humble youth league pitches, soccer fields come in all shapes and sizes – each designed to accommodate specific skill levels. Here’s how different dimensions change while your child’s skills develop.

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The Trace Player Development Pathway

This comprehensive framework outlines pivotal stages of growth & progression in youth soccer players. Which stage is your soccer player at?

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5 tips to Nurture Your Kid’s Love for Soccer (Without Being Overbearing)

Parents want to do everything possible to nurture their kid's love for a sport, but it can be challenging to do so without being overbearing. Learn more here.

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AI-Personalized Video: The New Essential for Youth Soccer Clubs

Read more on key insights from the Year of Video in Youth Soccer report.

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The Ultimate Tournament Travel Checklist for Soccer Parents

These pro tips contain all the things you should not forget to bring when traveling to a soccer tournament.

5 Features Every Soccer Parent Wants in a Soccer Camera

Finding the right soccer camera can be difficult. We surveyed more than 300 parents to learn about the features that are most important to them when it comes to recording soccer games.

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players at a college soccer showcase
College Soccer Showcases: Everything You Need to Know

The complete guide to attending a college soccer showcase, with tips on how to get noticed and find the best fit at the next level.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Soccer Camera for Parents

From recording games with your phone to using a powerful AI soccer camera, here's the ultimate guide to finding the best camera on the market.

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Soccer player on phone
Why You Don’t Need Video Editing Apps to Create Soccer Highlight Videos

Want to create the best soccer highlight videos? You don’t need video editing apps, just an AI-powered sports camera.

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How to Record Soccer Games Like a Pro

Filming soccer games with your phone should allow you to find every angle each game. With the help of Trace, now you can.

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The Difference Between NCAA and NAIA College Soccer

Looking to play college soccer? Here's a breakdown of the differences at the NCAA and NAIA levels.

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6 Ways Families Benefit from Recording Games with Trace

Families can now move forward with Trace at any time, and here's why it might be a perfect fit for you and your kids.

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amber morgan soccer player
How One Athlete Uses Her Trace iD for College Recruiting

Trace iD is the home for all your best moments. Here's how one athlete uses Trace iD so effectively.

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5 Ways to Build Community Within Your Team

Strategies for bringing teams together around shared goals, team bonding, and building team leaders.

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What to Say on the Ride Home After a Loss

A few tips to turn the ride home after a soccer game into an opportunity for recovery, relaxation and positive reflection.

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7 Things to Know About Soccer Combines

What players should know when planning to attend a combine to get noticed by college coaches.

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A Checklist for Choosing the Right College Soccer Program

Key factors for choosing the right college soccer program to find the best possible fit.

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Better Team or More Playing Time on the Soccer Field?

How should players and parents prioritize playing time in relation to level of competition?

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striker on soccer field
How to Make A College Soccer Highlight Video for a Striker

Learn the key factors to create a successful attacking-focused recruiting video for college coaches.

College Recruiting Parent
How to Make Your Center Back Highlight Video

Learn the key factors to create a successful center back recruiting video for college coaches.

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Are College Soccer ID Camps Worth it?

College Soccer ID camps are an essential part of the college soccer recruiting process. And they're only getting bigger.

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