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players at a college soccer showcase
College Soccer Showcases: Everything You Need to Know

The complete guide to attending a college soccer showcase, with tips on how to get noticed and find the best fit at the next level.

College Recruiting Parent
The Difference Between NCAA and NAIA College Soccer

Looking to play college soccer? Here's a breakdown of the differences at the NCAA and NAIA levels.

College Recruiting Parent
Top Baseball Drills for 7- 8 Year Olds

If you're looking for the best drills for your 7-8 year old, we recommend starting with the fundamentals and progressing from there.

Baseball / Softball Player
amber morgan soccer player
How One Athlete Uses Her Trace iD for College Recruiting

Trace iD is the home for all your best moments. Here's how one athlete uses Trace iD so effectively.

College Recruiting Parent
7 Things to Know About Soccer Combines

What players should know when planning to attend a combine to get noticed by college coaches.

College Recruiting Parent
Top Soccer Goalie Drills for Diving & Agility

Goalkeepers have to be explosive. Train your reflexes with these soccer goalie drills from Football DNA.

Goalie Drills Goalkeeper
girl soccer player shooting and scoring
Trace Toolkit: Shooting Drills to Score More Goals

Scoring goals is harder than it looks. These shooting drills will help players develop confidence in front of goal.

Attacking Coach
soccer players rondo
Trace Toolkit: The Art of the Rondo

Rondos are a valuable soccer coaching tool. Spice up your team's sessions with these fun new rondo variations!

Coaching Drills
Transitioning From 9v9 to 11v11 in Youth Soccer

The challenges that youth soccer players must overcome when making the transition from 9v9 to 11v11.

Coach Player
Image of Trace radar view and heat map
Radar View and Heat Maps in Youth Soccer

How to use radar view and heat maps to win more games and improve your performance faster.

Coach Player
A Checklist for Choosing the Right College Soccer Program

Key factors for choosing the right college soccer program to find the best possible fit.

College Recruiting Parent
Better Team or More Playing Time on the Soccer Field?

How should players and parents prioritize playing time in relation to level of competition?

Parent Player
5 Strategies For Building a Winning Mindset on the Soccer Field

Tips for staying mentally fit on the soccer field to reduce anxiety and improve performance.

Player Player Development
The College Soccer Recruiting Timeline

When should high school athletes start thinking about college soccer recruiting?

College Recruiting Player
striker on soccer field
How to Make A College Soccer Highlight Video for a Striker

Learn the key factors to create a successful attacking-focused recruiting video for college coaches.

College Recruiting Parent
How to Make Your Center Back Highlight Video

Learn the key factors to create a successful center back recruiting video for college coaches.

College Recruiting Parent
6 Tips for Creating Soccer Highlight Videos for College Recruiters

A former athlete at a Power 5 school's athletic department helps you create an exceptional highlight video.

College Recruiting Player
Tips to Improve Field Awareness While Dribbling

With all of the pressure to maintain a good dribble, it's easy to forget that there’s an entire field full of players around you.

Player Player Development
Are College Soccer ID Camps Worth it?

College Soccer ID camps are an essential part of the college soccer recruiting process. And they're only getting bigger.

College Recruiting Parent
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