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What's new for March?

Think quick, this month’s release serves up a hat-trick of goodness that helps you fine-tune highlights quickly and easily.

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What's New for February?

Coaching, Learning and Bragging are all now easier than ever thanks to the latest from Trace.

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5 Features Every Soccer Parent Wants in a Soccer Camera

Finding the right soccer camera can be difficult. We surveyed more than 300 parents to learn about the features that are most important to them when it comes to recording soccer games.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Soccer Camera for Parents

From recording games with your phone to using a powerful AI soccer camera, here's the ultimate guide to finding the best camera on the market.

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Trace: the Ultimate Soccer Camera Tracking System

Consisting of durability, mobility, affordability, and powerful AI, Trace is the perfect soccer camera tracker for capturing your player’s best plays on and off the ball.

Why you Should Be Using Trace to Record Soccer Games

Learn why Trace's AI camera system is the easiest way to record your soccer games and edit your highlights afterwards.

5 Reasons why Trace is the Best Video Camera to Record Soccer Games for Coaches

Trace is an automated, AI-powered sports camera. Here are the top reasons why it's a must-have for any soccer coach.

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Record Unlimited Angles From Anywhere Along the Field with MultiCam

MultiCam enables users to capture footage from anywhere along the field to view alongside Trace highlights.

Trace PlayerFocus vs. Veo For Recording Soccer Games

Trace offers more personalization, more features, and the most affordable option for families to get started with soccer video.

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Introducing Enhanced Video Capture, Player Vision, and TraceCam 2

Announcing three huge upgrades that make Trace even better: TRACE_BOT’s pro-quality Capture Engine, user-friendly TraceCam 2, and TRACE_BOT’s breakthrough Player Vision.

What Is the Optimal Height for Recording Soccer Games?

Recording soccer games using a tripod to capture an elevated angle is critical to getting the best game film.

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