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aerial picture of a soccer field
How Big is a Soccer Field?

From impressive professional venues to humble youth league pitches, soccer fields come in all shapes and sizes – each designed to accommodate specific skill levels. Here’s how different dimensions change while your child’s skills develop.

Parent Player Development
The Trace Player Development Pathway

This comprehensive framework outlines pivotal stages of growth & progression in youth soccer players. Which stage is your soccer player at?

Parent Player Development
5 tips to Nurture Your Kid’s Love for Soccer (Without Being Overbearing)

Parents want to do everything possible to nurture their kid's love for a sport, but it can be challenging to do so without being overbearing. Learn more here.

Parent Player Development
Watch: 90-second player reviews with Trace

Revolutionize how coaches give player feedback with Trace with this short video tutorial.

Coach Coaches & Managers
Guide to Choosing the Right Soccer Cleats

When it comes to soccer gear, cleats are one of the most important items. Choosing the right soccer cleats can significantly improve a player's performance.

Player Development
20 Minute Indoor HIIT Workout for Soccer Players

If you're a football/soccer player looking to stay fit during the off season, this 20-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout is perfect for you.

Player Development
pre-season training for soccer
5 Steps for Successful Pre-Season Soccer Training

Pre-season training is a crucial aspect of preparing for soccer season, whether you’re just starting out or playing on competitive ECNL teams.

Player Development
How to Build an Effective Practice Plan in Youth Soccer

A quick guide for building the most effect team practice plan for youth soccer teams.

Player Development
6 Things Every Soccer Coach Can Do to Prioritize Player Development

Want to prioritize player development on your way to winning soccer games? Here are six things you can do as a coach!

Player Development
Setting Goals in Sports: Why It's Important and How to Do It

Discover the importance of goal setting in sports and learn how to establish goals for every athlete and team.

Player Development Soccer
7 Tips to Strengthen Player-Coach Relationships

Communication can be difficult in sports, especially in any player-coach relationship. These seven tips are sure to help.

Player Development
How Video Analysis with Trace Can Improve Your Team

Want to see your team perform better? Check out how video analysis can help improve individual and team play.

Player Development
Athlete Advice for Preventing Sports Burnout

College athletes share advice on avoiding burnout, staying motivated, and more.

Player Development
Video Analysis in Sports: Benefits & How to Use

Simply recording games isn't enough anymore. Here’s why and how your team should be doing video analysis to improve individual and team play this season.

Player Development
College Soccer Recruiting: How Coaches Can Help Players Stand Out

RSVP for our live college soccer recruiting webinar with former D1 coach Diego Bocanegra.

Player Development
6 Ways Families Benefit from Recording Games with Trace

Families can now move forward with Trace at any time, and here's why it might be a perfect fit for you and your kids.

Parent Player Development
How to Handle a Disappointing Tryout with Your Athlete

A disappointing tryout can be overwhelming for any athlete. Here's how you as a parent can help them bounce back.

Player Development
5 Keys to Successful Offseason Training

Big strides can be made during the offseason, but you may not know where to start. Here's a guide to stay sharp.

Player Development
How One Coach Uses Trace Soccer Game Film for Player Homework

How one soccer coach uses the Trace camera for actionable post-game analysis.

Player Development
coaches at soccer tryouts
What Coaches Look For At Youth Soccer Tryouts

Here's what coaches are looking for in players at soccer tryouts and how players can stand out.

Player Development
Youth sports
How to Navigate Tryouts in Youth Sports: Parent Tips

There's no hiding the stress that can come with tryouts in youth sports. Here's how you can help as a parent.

Player Development
5 Ways Coaches Can Encourage Their Youth Sports Team

Every team has their ups and downs. Here are 5 ways you can encourage your players at all times.

Player Development
youth soccer
How to Prevent Burnout in Youth Sports

Burnout in youth sports has been a wide topic of discussion as of late. Here are a few signs to be aware of.

Player Development
The Best Gameday Meals For Peak Athletic Performance

To play your best, you have to feel your best. That means fueling your body with delicious and nutritious foods like these.

Nutrition Player Development
Tactics and Formations for 9v9 Soccer

Tournament season means U10 teams trying out 9v9 soccer for the first time. Get a head start with these tips for success!

9v9 Coaching
Youth Soccer Players
3 Signs Your Soccer Player is Ready for the Next Level

Looking for signs that your player is ready for the next step? Here are 3 things to look for on and off the field.

Player Development
Pregame routine
Pregame Tips to Help You Perform at Your Very Best

How do you prepare for every soccer game? These five pregame tips will help you feel relaxed, confident and powerful.

Player Development Player Development
5 Ways to Build Community Within Your Team

Strategies for bringing teams together around shared goals, team bonding, and building team leaders.

Coach Parent
What to Say on the Ride Home After a Loss

A few tips to turn the ride home after a soccer game into an opportunity for recovery, relaxation and positive reflection.

Parent Parents
Scanning the soccer field over your shoulder
Five Videos to Help You Scan the Field and Build Awareness

Learn how this simple, essential skill will help you see opponents, find teammates and recognize space.

Player Development Player Development
Self-Reflection Builds Confidence!
Using Positive Self-Reflection to Boost Soccer Skills

Self-reflection empowers players. Use our guided questions to build reflection as a valuable lifelong habit.

Player Development Player Development
Top Soccer Goalie Drills for Diving & Agility

Goalkeepers have to be explosive. Train your reflexes with these soccer goalie drills from Football DNA.

Goalie Drills Goalkeeper
Trace Best Defensive Drills
Our Favorite Defensive Soccer Drills

Every player is a defender. Cultivate that instinct with amazing defensive soccer drills from our friends at Football DNA.

Coaching Player Development
Watch: Trace iD Playlists for Soccer Player Development

Trace iD helps soccer players take charge of their own development by making video review easy, engaging and fun.

Coaching Player Development
Watch: Trace iD Profiles for Coaches

Learn how soccer coaches are using Trace iD to make video analysis easy, and to promote individual and team development.

Coaching Player Development
How to Use Soccer Statistics to Improve

Soccer statistics don't tell the whole story, but they can be a valuable learning tool to help you elevate your game.

Player Development Statistics
Top Soccer Drills for 10 Year Old Players

These soccer drills for 10 year olds teach young players to love the game & develop skills in a fun way.

10 year olds Drills
Individualized Soccer Training with Trace iD

How to use Trace moments + Trace iD for personalized training sessions and individualized feedback.

Player Development
MLS NEXT vs. ECNL vs. GA: How to Choose Your Soccer League

These three leagues all offer elite resources and exposure. So which top-tier competition is right for your player?

ECNL Girls Academy
Fundamental Soccer Drills for 5 Year Olds

It's never too young to start playing. Build your kiddo's confidence with our guide to soccer drills for 5 year olds.

Drills Player Development
Crossing and Finishing
Trace Toolkit: Crossing and Finishing

Build confidence and a lethal goalscoring touch with these super crossing and finishing drills.

Attacking Coaching
girl soccer player shooting and scoring
Trace Toolkit: Shooting Drills to Score More Goals

Scoring goals is harder than it looks. These shooting drills will help players develop confidence in front of goal.

Attacking Coach
Trace Toolkit: Creating More (and Better) Chances

Scoring goals depends on creating chances. Help your teams play free-flowing soccer with these creative attacking drills!

Coaching Drills
Trace Toolkit: Keeping Possession

Use these possession games to make keeping the ball feel purposeful and exciting.

Coaching Drills
soccer players rondo
Trace Toolkit: The Art of the Rondo

Rondos are a valuable soccer coaching tool. Spice up your team's sessions with these fun new rondo variations!

Coaching Drills
New Pathways to US Professional Women's Soccer

Exciting new developments in professional women's soccer offer a streamlined pathway for youth players.

Player Development
Trace Toolkit: How to Build Soccer Speed and Agility

Train yourself to be faster, quicker, and sharper on the field with simple methods.

Agility Drills
How (and Why) to Improve Your Soccer Vision

Stellar soccer vision comes from hard work and good habits. Read how to enhance on-field awareness.

Passing Player Development
Youth Boy playing soccer
How the U.S. Men’s Professional Soccer Pyramid Impacts Youth Players

The US soccer system is still not perfect, but new structure offers youth players a smoother pathway to the pros.

Player Development
Transitioning From 9v9 to 11v11 in Youth Soccer

The challenges that youth soccer players must overcome when making the transition from 9v9 to 11v11.

Coach Player
Why Short-Form Video Works for U8 to U11 Teams

Why U12 and younger players love to watch and learn from short-form, personalized video.

Player Development
How to Keep Kids Engaged in Soccer Off the Field

Tips for keeping players excited and engaged with soccer when they are out of season.

Player Development
The Trace Guide to Building Out of the Back

Building out of the back is a key skill for creating opportunities and structuring the field to your advantage.

Player Development
6 Tips for Coaching Young Teams with Trace

Read 6 tips for using soccer game film and video to coach players under 12 years old.

Player Development
Image of Trace radar view and heat map
Radar View and Heat Maps in Youth Soccer

How to use radar view and heat maps to win more games and improve your performance faster.

Coach Player
Trace Soccer Camera Software
How to Get Players to Watch Soccer Game Film

How can coaches get players to watch game film and utilize soccer cameras most effectively?

Player Development
Are You a Perfectionist on the Soccer Field?

Learn how to control perfectionism and engage in healthy self-criticism of performance on the field.

Player Development
ECNL vs ECRL: How Are They Different?

What's the difference between ECNL and ECRL? How do players decide where they should play?

Player Development
Better Team or More Playing Time on the Soccer Field?

How should players and parents prioritize playing time in relation to level of competition?

Parent Player
Wells Thompson on Excelling in Youth Soccer

Former MLS player Wells Thompson will give his advice on improving performance for pre-college athletes.

Player Development
5 Strategies For Building a Winning Mindset on the Soccer Field

Tips for staying mentally fit on the soccer field to reduce anxiety and improve performance.

Player Player Development
The Guided Discovery Method of Coaching Soccer

The guided discovery method of coaching is a way to create self-thinking players.

Player Development
Workshop: Strengthen Mindset to Elevate Soccer Skills

Learn strategies for staying mentally sharp using obstacles to your advantage.

Player Development
youth soccer teams
Fundraising Ideas for Youth Soccer Teams

How to host successful fundraisers to raise money for your youth soccer team.

Player Development
Recording Soccer Games: Why It's Critical and How to Make It Engaging

Why are the top clubs and teams recording soccer games and using game video?

College Recruiting Player Development
Explaining Trace Soccer Camera System to a Youth Soccer Team

Video Manager for Virginia Rush explains the value of Trace to his 02/03 Boys team

Player Development
Tips to Improve Field Awareness While Dribbling

With all of the pressure to maintain a good dribble, it's easy to forget that there’s an entire field full of players around you.

Player Player Development
How Parents Use their Youth Player's Soccer Video

Recording soccer games for my son was crucial for getting recruited. But it also helped accomplish so much more.

Player Development
How Many Minutes Does a Youth Soccer Player Get in a Game?

Every soccer player wants to be on the field. But how many minutes should your son or daughter expect to play?

Player Development
How to Get Parents Excited about Soccer Game Film

Find out how Trace is proving to parents that recording games is an integral part of player development.

Player Development
Trace iD soccer highlight video
What to Look for in Soccer Game Video by Position

Analyzing soccer game video depends heavily on position. Here are some tips to help you get more out of game film.

Player Development
3 Steps to Get Players Watching Soccer Game Film

Players should want to watch their footage. Use these three tips to make watching game film fun, exciting and effective.

Player Development
The Way to Get Your Team to Watch Game Film

Every month, people across the globe watch over 3 million Trace moments. Let's take a look at what the data is telling us.

Player Development
How to Review Your Soccer Game Film Post-Match

To reach your full potential, you have to learn from past triumphs and failures. That means watching soccer game film.

Player Development
A Foundation for Youth Soccer Drills in 2020

Are you revitalizing your soccer drills for the 2020 season? Practices should be fresh, exciting and educational.

Player Development
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