Celebrating Another Key Milestone

More than 10 million soccer video highlights were watched on Trace last month! Read a letter from Trace CEO, David Lokshin, on this milestone, our new brand look, and what’s to come.

by David Lokshin

Father of Ethan. CEO & Founder of Trace Soccer.

Today I’m excited to announce that, with your help, Trace has crossed a major milestone – over 10 million soccer highlights were watched on the platform by players, parents and coaches in the single month of September – a 10x increase in views compared to the same month in 2021. A huge thank you to all the families and teams who have chosen Trace to capture their most important memories and highlights week to week, game to game.

Why is this significant?

It validates what we believe in and the choices we’ve made since our inception. To put it simply, we were right to put the focus on you.

At Trace, we believe in the power of memories. As parents we love our kids more than anything else and we want to keep memories of them. We want to rewatch the plays with our kids. We want to share those special moments with our families.

We also believe in the power of short videos that focus on a singleplayer. That’s why from the get-go we set an ambitious goal for ourselves: to effortlessly capture and deliver the only content that matters to parents – video highlights of their children playing the game.

We chose to focus on removing the friction that comes with filming and editing videos – by recording the game for you and automatically delivering a playlist to each player with their most important game day highlights. No more filming. No more editing. Just sit back, and focus on watching your child play.

We chose to make the content easily accessible, searchable and shareable – with highlights sent within a few hours to players, parents, and coaches’ inboxes so that they can rewatch the moments that matter the most to them, use video highlights to develop their skills, and share those memories with family.

Lastly, we chose to invest in features that improve the quality of every highlight captured, like our MultiCam functionality, which allows you to place your phone along the sidelines for even more angles and close ups.

How do we know if we are succeeding in our mission?

Every week, thousands of games are Traced and tens of thousands of individualized highlights are delivered to players, parents, and coaches. Most importantly we are seeing hundreds of views per game. That’s over 10M views every month.

This is a journey.

As much as we are proud of what we’ve accomplished to date, we are even more excited about what we are working on.

The first glimpse of what Trace’s future looks like is our new look, which captures what makes us truly different – at Trace we are focused on you – all your angles – so that you can focus on your game. Take a look at our new website and let us know what you think!

We are just getting started. Here’s to the 100M views a month milestone!

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