Start Tracing!

PlayerFocus captures each play, puts the spotlight on your child, and sends you their highlights after every game. Scroll to watch the video demo.

  • How does Trace work?
Trace’s smart camera records every soccer game while its PlayerFocus video AI technology identifies, follows, and spotlights each player to automatically deliver a playlist of highlights with your player – front and center.
  • Trace PlayerFocus benefits
No more missed plays

Trace PlayerFocus records the game and captures every goal, pass, and tackle featuring your player! You can finally sit back and enjoy.

Focus on your player

Trace delivers highlights with a spotlight on your player to accelerate development. See how they develop and build confidence in themselves!

Share their highlights

Watch and organize your player’s highlights on their very own channel. Easily share clips and season playlists with family, friends, and recruiters!

  • Get Trace for your team today!
Can’t wait to get started? Get your Trace kit for just $495/year and add your PlayerFocus subscription for as low as $180/year per player.
  • What’s included in my Trace kit?

Sets up in 15 minutes to automatically record up to three 90-minute games, capturing all angles.

Tripod and Sandbags

Lightweight, stable, 4 ft long (fits in your car) and expands to 16ft (films the entire pitch).

Travel Case

Safely transport your equipment to every game so you never miss a highlight.

  • What’s included in my subscription?
Full game footage

Got time? Watch full games in 1080p any time and jump around the highlights to reference the best moments of each game!

Player highlights

Watch every goal, pass, and tackle your player makes. Trace adds a spotlight so it’s easy to follow and focus on your player.

Shareable playlists

Watch your child’s games and highlights any time on their personal channel. Create playlists and share with family, friends, and recruiters.