Trace opens up a whole new field of play for coaches, players, and die-hard soccer moms alike.

  • Key features
trace editing key features
AI powered editing

Trace films all the action, then edits it down to the highlights that matter.

Highlight playlists

Made-for-you playlists mean reviewing, sharing, and improving the game you love easy.

Trace iD

Set goals, track performance, add and organize highlights, all on a useful dashboard.

  • Features in action
Tactical Radar

Tactical Radar gives you the location of every player on the field, deepening your insight and making it easy to manage the shape of the game.

Performance Metrics

Minutes played, distance run, top speed, max efforts, stamina, and other metrics help players understand their abilities and give coaches cues for team improvement.

Player Heatmap

See where individual players spend most of their time on the field, identify gaps in coverage, and improve performance.

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