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How De Anza Force Uses Video Highlights for Player Development

De Anza Force soccer club uses Trace video to accelerate player development with individual highlights that focus on the player. Watch their success story.

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De Anza Force serves 1,200 players and their families who are part of almost 100 teams playing at the Academy, regional competitive, and recreational levels. The club is known for two things: its approach to player development which focuses on the player vs the outcome, and the fact that they put more players in college soccer programs than any club combined within a 100 mile radius.

When Force was looking for a video solution that aligned with their player development philosophy, Trace answered the call. The club needed video that would allow their players to see themselves closely in order to develop a style of play that is grounded on great decision-making skills, flexibility, and simplicity. What Force didn’t expect is a video solution that would not only foster growth, but also engagement and a love for the game.

“Our players understand they are the biggest influence in their own development. Trace shares our vision of putting the player front and center with highlights that save us time and help us zero in on what each player is doing and contributing from their position.”

Jeff Baicher, Director of Soccer at De Anza Force.

Watch how Trace has transformed the way De Anza Force approaches coaching, parent involvement, and player engagement, ultimately leading to remarkable results on and off the field.

1. Transitioning from Team-Oriented to Individualized Coaching:

Before Trace, coaches and players were stuck using raw footage and video that was focused on the team and made it difficult to focus on individual player development. Trace changed the game by providing personalized highlights that allows players and coaches to concentrate on individual performance. This perspective is enlightening for players, as they can identify specific moments and areas for improvement. It empowers coaches to create individual development plans and track players’ progress more effectively.

2. Challenging Players to Perform Simply but Effectively:

Soccer, often regarded as a simple game, can be remarkably challenging to play with simplicity. Force coaches use Trace to encourage their players to adhere to the team’s methodology, playing simple yet effective soccer. The individualized soccer camera tracking feature of Trace eliminates distractions caused by observing multiple players, allowing players to focus on their own performance and make necessary improvements.

3. Empowering Players, Parents, and Coaches through Video Analysis:

Trace’s impact extends beyond the field. For parents, it serves as a valuable communication tool, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of their child’s performance, the team’s style of play, and the expectations set by the coaching staff. Coaches can use Trace to connect with parents, fostering a collaborative environment focused on player development. By reviewing footage together, coaches can provide constructive feedback and discuss improvement strategies. This level of engagement and understanding among all stakeholders enhances the overall development process.

4. Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Improvement:

Trace’s individualized video analysis enables players to take ownership of their development. By reviewing their own footage, players can identify areas for improvement, study their decision-making, and understand their role within the team. With personalized development plans and a deep understanding of their performance, players become active influencers in what their particular style of play looks like within the framework of the club’s development strategy.

5. Inspiring Total Engagement and Love for the Game:

When children are completely engaged, enthusiastic about watching their own gameplay, and eager to discuss game moments during training sessions, it is a clear sign of successful player development. Trace has played a significant role in achieving this outcome. By providing players with personalized footage that captures their movements, Trace enables them to see themselves in action, which fuels their passion for the game. This heightened engagement not only benefits the players but also enhances their overall development as they learn from their own experiences.

6. Strengthening the Bond Between Parents and Players:

Trace has proven to be a game-changer for parents who want to actively support their child’s soccer journey. By accessing Trace’s footage, parents can watch highlights and gain insights into their child’s development, ensuring they feel connected to their child’s progress and achievements. This easy-to-use tool allows parents to share proud moments with family members who may not have the opportunity to attend games regularly. It strengthens the parent-child bond and provides a sense of pride and involvement in their child’s soccer development.

7. Developing Player’s Soccer IQ Early in their Journey

De Anza coaches know that developing a soccer player takes time. The club sees the value in using video with younger teams in order to help players develop a culture for self analysis early in their soccer journey. Coaches use Trace to celebrate wins and to take a closer look at what their young players are doing well. Video highlights have been a great way to help children develop a love for the game of soccer to instill a commitment to self improvement and to the club’s methodology early on.

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