Case Study

FC Sporting Pumas

FC Sporting Pumas started using Trace to enhance player development of his U10 team. With Trace, they deliver video without sacrificing time coaching.

by Chris Olson

9v9 FC Sporting Pumas Rally Behind Trace Game Results

Brant Rego, coach of the Pumas 2009 Girls team, started using Trace to enhance player development of his U11 team. Before Trace, Brant was spending an enormous amount of time recording and editing game video, which started taking away from his time coaching. With Trace, he now delivers video without sacrificing his time coaching, and the results speak for themselves. FC Sporting Pumas 09 G is ranked #2 in the nation on Got Soccer

 “I want to use video for player development with my teams, but it’s always just taken so much time. With Trace, the process is much easier. Every player and parent gets a customized playlist, and so do I. I use that free time now to assign homework through Trace and do individual film reviews. It’s completely changed the dynamic of my team.” 

Brant Rego, Coach FC Sporting Pumas G09

The Challenge

Brant knew that game film done right could pay dividends, but his experiences with video had always been such a struggle. The amount of effort he was investing in game film was taking a toll on his ability to coach. Was this really worth it for a u10 team? 

  1. When Brant first introduced game film, team engagement wasn’t where he wanted it. Players became disengaged when they weren’t on the screen, and very few players spent more than 10 minutes reviewing the film on their own. 
  2. Brant advanced to give his players clipped footage of the team’s performance in a game. He thought filming was hard enough but quickly realized editing was even harder. Brant spent up to four hours per game editing clips for his teams.
  3. The reaction from parents and players wasn’t what Brant hoped it would be. While the clipped footage of certain parts of the game started getting watched, on-field results weren’t progressing.

The Solution

Brant decided to try Trace because of the automatic editing. Not only did Trace deliver the most critical moments in a game, each player now had a playlist of their own performance. After a weekend of games, the team became hooked. Brant now uses his extra time to coach through the player’s moments and assign weekly homework based on the drills and themes he’s working on in practice. 

  1. Players and parents on Brant’s team love seeing their personalized moments. He sees much higher engagement. If the team doesn’t receive their Trace game results the night after the game, he starts getting texts and calls!
  2. Instead of doing video sessions at a specific location with the whole team, Brant decided to coach in a way he wasn’t able to before Trace:
    • Personalized film review with each player. From time to time, Brant will pull a player aside and go through 10 moments from that player’s last Traced game. In 15 minutes, he’s completed a personalized film review using that player’s moments.
    • Certain weeks Brant now assigns homework. If he’s working on counter-attacks, he’ll ask each player to find three good and three bad moments and add them to their Trace iD. It doesn’t take players more than 15 minutes because all the moments are already available from Trace, and he’s teaching them how to analyze video and his coaching philosophy at the same time.
  3. Parents love the content, and they love the transparency. The parents better understand the concepts that he’s coaching, they love how engaged their kids are, and most importantly, they’re seeing the improvement from week to week. 

“My players and parents love Trace. I literally get calls the night of a game if they don’t have their results yet. And with all the extra time I have, because Trace does all the work for me, I do individual player evals and assign homework. My parents think I’m a hero. Best of all, the feedback is producing results on the field. The players and parents see improvement week to week. I feel like, through Trace, they’re finally seeing what I’ve been coaching. It’s really all about player development.” 

Brant Rego, Coach FC Sporting Pumas G09
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