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FC Westlake Partners with Trace for Player DevelopmentBy Maggy Mahalick
Director of Strategic Partnerships at Traceup.com

FC Westlake Partners with Trace for Player Development

AUSTIN, Texas (June 26, 2020) – Trace Soccer is excited to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with FC Westlake to help the club better serve athletes, parents, and coaches with the use of Trace’s cutting-edge video technology for player development, coaching education, and recruitment.  

Trace is a sports technology company that is changing the way teams and clubs film and consume soccer video. Trace captures personalized moments for every player automatically after every game. These short-form, personalized moments are proven to engage players in video analysis. The average Trace game receives over 1,600 views. 

“FC Westlake is very excited to start utilizing Trace to help elevate our players to the next level of play,” said Andy McClelland, the FC Westlake Director of Coaching. “After a short trial period, we realized very quickly that Trace allows our players to have a more competitive edge on the field and also helps them visualize what they need to improve on at training! We are very excited to see more of our players be connected with Trace on the fields very soon!” 

FC Westlake is the premier competitive soccer program of Westlake Youth Soccer Association located in the Austin, TX metro area, and is one of the fastest-growing programs in South Texas. The FC Westlake program is focused on competitive play with an emphasis on player development. FC Westlakes prides themselves on providing professional coaching and competitive play to elevate their players to train and compete at the highest level. In joining with Trace, FC Westlake strives to continue to grow and foster a club culture that uses video and data to propel athletes to the next level. 

“We’re very excited to be working with FC Westlake,” said David Lokshin, the Founder and CEO of Trace. “We know that time and attention are scarce resources today, and that short-form, personal content is the way to unlock player engagement. We assist in the filming, editing, and distribution so clubs like FC Westlake can spend more time focusing on the players.”

FC Westlake joins a growing number of teams and clubs that are turning to Trace’s technology to help players, coaches, and teams reach their full potential. FC Westlake joins 15 other clubs in Texas and over 1,000 teams nationally who are already using Trace. 

To get more information on how Trace can help take your team or club to the next level, click here.

CONTACT: Trace at q@traceup.com or 1-888-568-3264

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"I love Trace, it's so cool to see all my stats and how well I played. It helps me improve."

Player, Pacifica Christian High School Girl's Varsity