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Five Amazing Baseball Moments You Don’t Want to Miss

Baseball teams using the Trace camera have captured some amazing moments. Here are a few of our favorites.

by Adam Wood

Writer, researcher and soccer coach. Devotee of The Beautiful Game. Lifelong learner and community-building advocate.

You may have already heard the good news: Trace is expanding to bring personalized player moments, tactical team playlists and automatic editing to the world of baseball and softball! 

There’s tons of reasons why Trace is the perfect solution for your team’s video needs. Individualized short-form video work wonders for accelerating development in baseball and softball players. Trace also saves and organizes your best moments, which simplifies the college recruitment process, and helps coaches focus on coaching by removing the time-intensive process of sifting through hours of game film.

But at its heart, Trace believes in letting you keep the moments that matter most to you: the rocket-powered home runs, the diving catches, the one-in-a-million triple plays. We’re here because you deserve to have those moments at your fingertips to enjoy and share, any time you want.

Though it’s early in the Trace’s journey with diamond sports, our teams have already captured some amazing moments. Here are five of our favorites.

This awesome video comes to you from the baseball team at Bakersfield Christian High School in California. In the 2nd inning of a hard-fought victory, we see some terrific work from the BCHS third baseman as he tracks an infield fly ball and quickly pivots to launch the ball towards first base. BOOM— easy double play.

One of the huge benefits of Trace is Trace iD, which allows players to curate their own playlists of favorite moments to share with friends, family and recruiters. This moment comes to you from Vaughn Major’s Showcase playlist on Trace iD, and shows him executing an absolutely incredible backhand diving catch in a narrow 1-0 victory. This one’s worth watching a few times.

This beautiful video from Westside High School Baseball comes from a competitive and low-scoring game — and with fundamentals like this, you can see why! As the camera shifts away from the batter, you see the WHSB short-stop sprint to field a grounder, gather his composure and fire a pinpoint throw to his first baseman. Calm, collected and cool as you like.

One of the most powerful reasons to use Trace is the way it helps players understand and learn from their mistakes. This video is a perfect example of how Trace can help players recognize where they can improve: as the second baseman collects the ball and prepares to throw the batter out at first base, his teammate is unprepared. Though the throw is on target, and the catch is executed well, the first baseman is off the base. Coaches can use this moment to show young players just how much the little details in this game!

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without an honest-to-goodness dinger. There’s a lot of those in our collection already, but this one especially stands out for a couple of reasons. One is the batter’s absolute beauty of a swing. Another is the way the camera switches angles for us to see the ball absolutely sail over the outfield wall. And the third is watching his teammate’s reactions as they immediately realize that ball is going, going and… gone.

This one’s just a bonus video for you to enjoy. It might not be the most beautiful inside-the-park home run you’ve ever seen, but it just might be the most fun. Look at the sheer joy on the batter’s face as he gets tackled and swarmed by celebrating teammates. That, right there, is what it’s all about.

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