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How to Coach Baseball Effectively with Video

Video is the quickest way to show your team what's working and what isn't. With Trace, we make the process easier than ever before.

by Griffin Lloyd

Former college athlete and video editor. Current content creator, sports enthusiast and dog dad.

Coaches are beginning to understand video’s impact on development and looking to teach with it like never before. There’s never been a way to seamlessly capture an entire team’s best moments, let alone offer a completely automated solution from start to finish.

Now there is. With Trace’s auto-recording and editing, we make it easy; a camera that records the entire game and then edits the footage for each player on the field afterward. Just hours after the game, each team member will receive an email of every one of their athlete’s plays. Instead of manually recording, editing, and uploading footage, Trace will save you hours while offering the most in-depth player review in the market.

As a coach, video is the quickest way to show your team what’s working and what isn’t. Video is an objective tool, meaning either the play was made or it wasn’t. It’s also very clear to tell why each play occurred, but there’s a graceful way to go about using video with your players. Remember that unless you give them confidence, showing someone a play in which they made an error can cause players to feel isolated. Begin introducing consistent video sessions to the team, where they feel comfortable and view this as a learning experience. As the team becomes accustomed to these sessions, they’ll realize how often mistakes are made on the field and what steps are needed to fix them. If you’re looking for a few examples to provide feedback effectively, here are three from teams currently using Trace.

Successful Defense

What turned into a route 4-3 ground-out can be a valuable teaching moment for the team. From the pitcher and catcher starting the play to the infielders finishing it up, the footage is easy to see and shows the excellent positioning of every player on the defensive side of the ball.

This is great work here by the shortstop, who slides over to 2nd to scoop the ball, sets his feet, and makes the strong throw over to first in time for the out. As you can see, even the little details matter at this moment. Reviewing a successful play can seem self-explanatory, but it’s critical to remind the team how important the fundamentals are on even the simplest of plays. Pointing out a moment like this will improve confidence in each individual and allow you to show your team what the standard should be moving forward.

Heads up Base-Running

This bomb to center field is much more than just a triple. First, the player digs into the batter’s box and makes a powerful swing to connect with the pitch. She doesn’t hesitate and gets out of the box on her way to first. Acknowledging her base coach, she rounds 1st and sees she’s got enough time to get all the way to 3rd.

The valuable lesson is that once you’ve connected with the ball, don’t let up and trust your teammates and coaches. Be aware of the play near the ball, and trust your instincts. By putting trust in her base coaches, she was able to focus on her speed and direction. She never slowed down and earned herself three bags. Showing another play like this continues to build up each individual who made the play while simultaneously motivating the rest of the group.

Defensive Support

This moment is a multi-faceted play that turns into a meaningful learning experience. After hitting a slow bouncer to 3rd, the infielder makes a smooth play to scoop the ball and set her feet. She then fires the ball over to 1st, but the 1st baseman misses the ball. Once the ball is missed, the right fielder is late to cover behind in case this error occurs.

Remind the team of the fundamentals you work on every practice. From keeping an eye on the ball into the glove for the player at 1st to providing backup in right field behind the play, your players can easily see why these small mistakes lead to a poorly executed play.

The only proven way for video to be engaging is if it’s personalized and digestible. With auto-tracking and angle switching to every play made, you won’t miss out on any more valuable teaching points. Whether you’re looking for a specific play from the game or want to scan through the tactical playlists for review, you can quickly view the entire game in just minutes. Trace offers an analysis that would take any coach multiple days to create, so sit back and allow us to take care of the dirty work and let you get back to coaching.

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