Coach Lipsitz Workshop

A Trace workshop with Jon focused on recruiting lasts for 45 minutes and focuses on how to approach a school, how to craft your Trace iD, writing your emails, and cadence of communication. If you chose to focus on player development, Jonwill focus on both the technical and the tactical as he takes you through your own Trace playlists and shows you areas of success as well as areas for improvement. This package is for three, 45 minute Trace Workshops with Jon for $275.


We'll be sending you a Workshop confirmation email shortly! You'll then be able to schedule your workshop at the Coach's earliest availability.

About Jon

Jon is currently Director of NPL Academy at San Ramon Soccer Club where he overseas both boys and girls programs. Before San Ramon he was the head coach at University of Kentucky for 8 years where he led the Cougars to the NCAA tournament four times, including the third round of the postseason in 2014. Before Kentucky, Jon coached at Charlotte and Ohio State.

Jon specializes in recruiting and player development. Having offered hundreds of scholarships during his coaching tenure through the Big 10, SEC, and Pac-12, Jon is familiar with a wide range of schools, their style of play, and what they would be looking for in a player. On the player development side, he’ll focus on using your Trace Game Results to improve both the technical and tactical.

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Coach, Blue Knights 2005 Premier