Case Study

Lake Travis Elite

Why game film is crucial for competitive soccer teams and why Trace's automatic moments save coaches hours and set the system apart.

by Charles LaCalle

Charles works with Trace to educate teams and parents on using video effectively for player development and recruiting.

How Video Technology Streamlines Coaching and Helps Coaches Hold Players Accountable

Lake Travis Elite is one of the top soccer clubs in Austin, Texas. And Nick Gordon has been Director of Coaching at the club since June 2016. Originally from England, Nick has coached in both England the United States, and he has played in England at Oxford United, Watford, and Northampton Town. 

Gordon has extensive coaching experience, so he knows what it takes to assist players in quickly improving their game and reinforcing lessons so they stick. For Gordon, a soccer camera like Trace that provides video on the side of player metrics and heat maps is critical for pushing player to reach their full potential.

5 Reasons Why Lake Travis Elite Uses Trace

  • Soccer game film helps coaches identify areas of improvement. “My favorite thing about Trace is that players can set individual milestones, whether that’s sprints, max efforts, distance, or minutes played during games,” states Gordon. Athletes no longer leave the field after a loss with a sense of disappointment; each player can see what parts of their individual performance could get better, and this data from Trace informs what they do in practice sessions over the following week.
  • Soccer game film leads to more accountability for players and credibility with parents. “To be able to show them in highlights things that have been great and things that need to be improved… it’s so important.” If players are confused about why they are not getting more time during games, Gordon uses Trace player metrics to compare and contrast that player’s statistics with other players in the same position.
  • Recording soccer with Trace streamlines film exchange. “Sharing those highlights at the click of a button is huge,” states Gordon. Whether you’re sharing with parents, friends, on social media accounts, or with college recruiters, it takes less than a second to copy and paste the URL of your moments or forward your email with game results. 
  • Video is critical in the college recruiting process. “College aspirations rely on video technology, especially if athletes are trying to play for colleges across the country,” said Gordon. With Trace iD, players can upload their best moments and build out a full soccer profile for college recruiters. College coaches can reference the Trace iD on a weekly basis to view improvement and monitor the player’s progress.
  • Automatic, personalized playlists delivered to each player saves coaches time. “The biggest selling point for us with Trace was the editing,” states Gordon. “Using other programs that might take several hours for a coach or a team manager to try and edit was impossible.” While coaches might use full game footage to pull overall team highlights, it’s virtually impossible for club coaches to pull each player’s highlights. Trace fills this void and is the only game film solution that automatically delivers personalized highlights and tactical playlists to every player after each game. 

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