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We’re a ragtag group of developers, dropouts, obsessive dreamers, designers, and rocket scientists who share a desire to push what is possible on our journey to ship magical experiences for our customers.

You can challenge the CEO. Challenge the process, priority, and implementation. Everyone feels empowered to challenge each other – but the key is, everyone still feels like they are on the same team, driving towards the same goal.

Former Tesla employee

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About Trace

Trace is on the bleeding edge of AI and Computer Vision. We give tens of thousands of youth athletes short hyper-personalized recap videos of the moments that are important to them. We’ve cracked the code of how to get kids to review game film – but there is so much more to do.

Our Culture

We value honest communication, results-oriented work, and as few meetings as possible! Everyone on the team is intelligent, humble, a good listener, and insanely good at their job. Trace is the kind of place where following your intuition is encouraged – as long as you can explain why & how you did it.

Things we value more 👍

  • Curiosity
  • Side projects
  • Honest feedback & communication
  • Chutzpa
  • Nerdiness
  • Opinions
  • Logic
  • Ambition

Things we value less 👎

  • Years of experience
  • Degrees
  • Awards
  • Fancy titles

Types of problems we’re solving

R&D (aka Math)

  • Object detection
  • Interesting moment detection
  • Personalized tracking


  • Time synchronization
  • Storage optimization


  • Video watching experience
  • Personal playlist curation

There are a lot more open ended problems at Trace, and taking more ownership is required. I thought I was working on open ended problems at Facebook, but I was really choosing from a set of options.

– Former Facebook employee

Our hiring process in a nutshell

  1. Screening call with one of our recruiters (20 min)
  2. Video interview with a few team-members (30-60 min)
  3. A role-specific project – that we will pay you for
  4. Project review video call (30-60 min)
  5. We give you a great offer
  6. We go on to rule the galaxy together

Open positions

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Full-stack engineer

“WordPress? 1993 called, they want their website back.” – You

UI/UX Product Designer

“By the looks of this page, I can tell you need a lot of help.” – You


“Your approach to this problem is entirely wrong. ” – You