MultiCam Preview


  • Welcome to the MultiCam preview. Thank you for giving us your feedback on this feature prior to it’s release next year.
  • Have questions or feedback to share? Email us at mihir@traceup.com

What you need to MultiCam

  • To preview MultiCam, you’ll need an iPhone with the Trace teams iOS app, and available storage to record games.
  • You’ll record parts of or full halves of the game from anywhere on the field using your iPhone.
  • To record MultiCam, your game must also include a TraceCam and Tracers. At this time, MultiCam is not available for indoor or sensorless games.
  • Ideally record with a tripod if you have one, if not please find a way to keep your phone steady.
  • If using a tripod, keep it under 6′ tall.

Accessing the preview

  1. Open the Trace Teams app
  2. Choose record Multicam (in the games panel for team managers, on the welcome screen for parents/players.)





  1. When you tap Record MultiCam the camera will launch
  2. Press record video 
  3. Use the red record button to start and stop recording
  4. When the game is finished close the recording window
  5. Need to move your camera? End the recording and start a new one in the new location. You call record full halves or short bursts throughout the game.


  1. Your videos will upload to Trace automatically. Short videos upload quickly. We recommend uploading longer videos over WiFi.
  2. If the recording doesn’t upload after a few hours, you can force reupload 
  3. All done!