MultiCam Testing


  • Join our testing Facebook group Trace Rebel Alliance! Contact James to get access.
  • Please email/text James once you have recorded and uploaded everything with your game info and TraceCase number.
  • We’d love any feedback you have about your experience-please post it in the Trace Rebel Alliance Group or send it directly to James.
  • James:

Alpha testing expectations

  • To participate in this test, you’ll need an iPhone with the Trace teams iOS app, and available storage to record games.
  • You’ll record parts of or full halves of the game from anywhere on the field using your iPhone.
  • We’ll be using your footage to test the MultiCam functionality, but we may not be able to deliver MultiCam footage to you.
  • You will get regular game results, then possibly a few days later, the MultiCam version.
  • Ideally record with a tripod if you have one, if not please find a way to keep your phone steady.

Accessing the test

  1. Open the Trace Teams app
  2. At the bottom of your settings page, tap experimental features
  3. Enter code you recieved from James
  4. Once you enter the code, confirm your screen says: Experimental: PhotoVideo


  1. When you’re ready to record, go to the games page.
  2. Press record side video on your iPhone
  3. Press record video 
  4. Use the red record button to record and stop recording
  5. When the game is finished close the recording window
  6. Need to move your camera? End the recording and start a new one in the new location.


  1. Upload all of your recorded moments by clicking in the moment card and tap upload to Trace
  2. Do this for all of your MultiCam recordings
  3. If the recording doesn’t upload after a few hours, you can force reupload 
  4. All done!