Our AI platform identifies individual moments, on the diamond or in the field, then automatically edits them for sharing & review.

Trace Powers Automated Game Film for New Mexico Youth Soccer Association

Recording games and editing film can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. Trace Soccer captures your game footage, generates tactical playlists, and delivers each player's moments directly to their inboxes after each game.

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Your Own Film Crew, Editing Team, and Video Analysis Staff in Your Pocket

Trace is elevating game video in youth sports. No more wondering how to best develop players. Trace is the most affordable way to have your own film crew, editing team, and video analysis staff at your fingertips.

“New Mexico Youth Soccer Association is thrilled to be partnering with Trace as our official video services provider. Clubs in New Mexico that use Trace are happy with this “soccer-specific” product and the added value it lends to their programs. With our new Trace partnership, NMYSA is now able to offer this automated video solution to all member affiliate leagues, clubs and teams. We are delighted to partner with Trace and look forward to exploring the Trace potential as a tool for our Coach Education and Referee development programs, as well as for our hosted events.”
Gloria Faber, Executive Director for NMYSA

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NMYSA + Trace Enter Exclusive Partnership Providing Unique Video Services and Discounted Pricing For Its Member Leagues & Clubs

Trace will be the Official Video Services Partner of the NMYSA, providing member clubs with the ability to capture game results and deliver automated, individual player moments that are ready to share with family, friends and college coaches. NMYSA teams will also have full access to Trace iD and custom Trace Workshops on continuing education for players and coaches. Read the full press release here.

Trace is for everyone

NMYSA Coaches

When it comes to player development,Trace game footage is unmatched. Coaches can assign video homework and skip the film room. Players come to the next practice prepared.

NMYSA Players

Trace makes it easy to share player game moments and performance with a single click. Share a playlist with family,friends,or college recruiters without any effort. No editing and no time necessary—just click and send.

NMYSA Parents

Trace makes recruiting easy. College Coaches want to see a player's entire game,not just their best moments. Trace provides a transparent and honest platform for players to get recruited.

A lot more than just a camera...

Trace uses a robot camera and GPS sensors to film soccer games,but we don't stop there. We also send personalized moments to every player automatically. Your team can expect Trace Game Results in their inbox within 14-16 hours from walking off the field. Trace then provides players with tools to organize and share their best moments.

Automatic Editing

Every game filmed with Trace is automatically edited for each player. This means each player will get a personalized playlist of their moments from each match. This is a vital part of the process that allows the players to more easily engage in their match footage.

Performance Metrics

Because each player is wearing a GPS sensor we can provide athlete performance metrics. Each player will get a heat map of their positioning from the game,alongside metrics like Top Speed,Distance Ran,Minutes Played,Stamina,and Max Efforts.

Trace iD

This might be one of our biggest differentiators outside of Automatic Edits. Trace iD is the easiest way to organize a player’s best moments into one feed,the ultimate highlight reel. Rather than investing in highlight reels through a player’s career,you can easily update your Trace iD when you record more with Trace.

Join other NMYSA teams that are already getting their game footage from Trace

The TraceKit

The TraceCam records the entire pitch all on its own. It never misses a moment;you turn TraceCam on and forget about it until the match ends. TraceCam can record up to three 90 minutes matches and can film in a range of weather too!

Filming at an elevated position is crucial,so we'll send you a portable Tripod that accends up to 16 feet and collapses down to 4 feet (you absolutely don't need a pickup truck to haul our Tripod).

Players wear a 4oz Tracer that sits in a special sleeve on the back of their dominant leg. Tracers are jam-packed with gizmos and gadgets that help TRACE_BOT understand the finer details of a match so it can automatically edit and provide performance metrics.

One price, everything included for NMYSA

Elite Subscription

$3,600 / year

~$15.00 / player / mo

All Inclusive
Unlimited storage
Automatic Editing
Performance Metrics

Trace iD
Unlimited curation
Unlimited sharing

1 TraceCase (20 Tracers)
1 TraceCam
1 Tripod

Billed yearly

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