Personalizing Trace iD moments and adding spotlight

First, add your moment to Trace iD:

  • Start by tapping the star.
  • Choose the Trace iD you are adding the moment to (if this is a playlist to send to a recruiter, we recommend making it on the player’s profile, since that profile will come with more comprehensive data.)
  • Choose the playlist you want to add to.
  • Your moment has been added to Trace iD. You can personalize it now, or add more moments and personalize them later.

Adjust moment length:

  • Tap personalize now
  • Adjust your start and end times.

Add spotlight, tags and description:

  • Toggle spotlight to on, then move the spotlight to where you want it to be.
  • Adjust the spotlight duration
  • Tap to add or remove tags
  • If you have Trace iD+, you can add a custom description
  • Save your moment!

Edit existing moments:

  • You can add or edit exisiting Trace iD moments by tapping the three dots on the right hand side.