Pipeline SC and Trace Kickoff Two-Year Relationship

by Maggy Mahalick

Director of Strategic Partnerships at

Austin, TX (Sept. 22, 2020) – Pipeline SC and Trace are excited to announce a new two-year partnership that will start this September and double in size next year to provide additional teams in the club with year-round access to Trace, unlimited games filmed, Trace iD for every player, and custom Trace Workshops for players and coaches. 

 “Filming and visual learning is a huge part of making players better. Teachable moments for coaches enhance success individually and collectively, said Santino Quaranta, Vice President and CO-Founder of Pipeline SC. “Trace checks those boxes and has set the standards for video and college recruiting tools.” 

Trace allows teams to combine automated filming, personalized moments, player performance data, and recruiting all in one platform that is seamless to navigate and easy to share. Trace does not require any additional editing, allowing clubs to offer immediate video content for their players to send to college coaches, even from intra-club scrimmages if sanctioned competitions are not back in full swing yet.

“Sean and Santino are building a special club in Pipeline SC and we are excited to be part of that,” said David Lokshin, Founder and CEO of Trace. “Pipeline SC is setting their players up for success by planning for the future and continuing to build on the partnership with Trace. Their ECNL program will utilize the Trace video technology game in and game out, along with Trace iD to boost recruiting opportunities. Pipeline SC will continue to pave the way in offering the highest and most professional standards in youth soccer.”

The relationship between Pipeline SC and Trace will start with the club’s 12 ECNL teams, and expand next year to additional teams within the club. As a member of the ECNL, Pipeline SC receives special pricing and additional resources through Trace’s long-term partnership with the ECNL. 


About Trace: Trace is a sports technology company that is changing the way teams and clubs film and consume soccer video. Trace uses a robot camera, GPS sensors, and powerful software to film the game and create moments for every player automatically. With Trace, coaching, player development, and recruiting are seamless. 

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Contact: Maggy Mahalick Director of Strategic Partnerships


About Pipeline SC: 

Pipeline Soccer Club was founded in 2011 to serve all levels of players and to serve both girls & boys equally. The Club is a non-profit organization that believes the measure of a club lies in the quality and performance of its players and staff on the field and their character and contributions off the field. 

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