A Parent’s Guide to Player Development

From their first kick to their first showcase and college recruiting reel. Download our guide to navigate the youth soccer journey and know how to support your player in their development.

  • How to read the guide
Match your child’s age with the five elements of development to understand the skills that’ll carry them into the next stage of their soccer journey.



Young soccer players develop an emotional attachment to the game over the course of the years. What can you do to make sure it’s a healthy part of their identity?



Soccer teaches players how to relate and communicate with teammates, opponents, and coaches on and off the field. How can you nurture their social abilities?



Controlled dribbles, precise passes, clean tackles. When do you know your child is dominating a skill and is ready to play at the next level? What can you do to get them there?



From running for miles to using their bodies to make plays. How can you help your child meet the physical demands of being a soccer player?



Young players have to think, make decisions, and act quickly. How can you support your player to develop their confidence and own their wisdom beyond their years?

  • How does video enhance player development?

When introduced early, video helps players feel comfortable seeing themselves fail and analyze themselves with an open mind and no judgment.

Enhanced learning

Personalized video helps players zero in on the skills they want to work on – without being distracted by what their teammates or opponents are doing.

Increased engagement

When players love to watch themselves play, their connection to the game grows and so does their motivation to practice and improve!

  • Best tool for personalized player development
Trace PlayerFocus is the only video solution that records your child’s soccer games and automatically creates highlights that feature them front and center. Players can see themselves play, analyze their game, and use video to work with coaches to unlock their full potential.