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Recruiting Corner

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Trace Head Coach Tim Bennett hosts video workshops to teach players and coaches to use video effectively.

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Recent Posts on College Recruiting

The Player's Guide to Emailing College Coaches

For most players, kicking off the recruitment process starts with an email. When you’re ready to start a conversation with a college recruiter, you’ll want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward. Here is a quick guide to crafting an email to a coach or recruiter.

4 Don'ts to Get Recruited for College Soccer

College recruiters want to hear from you, not your mom or your dad. Yes, you should absolutely take your parent’s advice or help if they are willing to offer it, but the communication (email, text, phone call) should come from you, the player, not the parents.

5 Do’s to Get Recruited for College Soccer

You have a dream school (or dream schools) you’d love to play for in college; let’s call that dream school College T. Unless your dream school has a relationship with your club or coach, or you play for a top ten nationally recognized ECNL or DA team, your game film is the only way that you’ll get your foot in the door.