Shipping Terms of Service

By purchasing a Trace, you, the purchaser, agree to AlpineReplay (dba: Trace), Inc.’s Shipping Terms and Conditions. This Shipping Policy supersedes any and all written or verbal communications from any company affiliate or representative. Exceptions to this or any policy are only at AlpineReplay (dba: Trace), Inc.’s sole discretion.

General Shipping Terms:

a. AlpineReplay (dba: Trace) Inc. agrees to ship product ordered within three business days of the date an order is placed.
b. Extended shipment dates, as clearly indicated at time of purchase, shall supersede the forgoing policy (article a).
c. AlpineReplay does not provide options to forgo shipment through designated pick up locations.
e. The purchaser is solely responsible for the cost of shipping, and may at their choice, choose a variety of shipping methods unless otherwise specified.
f. AlpineReplay is not financially responsible for accidental choice of shipping method, chosen at point of purchase, and is not responsible to provide financial renumeration of such costs.
g. Prepaid Returns Shipping Label may be provided at AlpineReplay, Inc.’s sole discretion.
h. The purchaser is fully responsible for all duties and taxes on international shipments.

Shipping Options and Destinations:

a. AlpineReplay, Inc. (dba: Trace) ships to select countries at the company’s discretion.
b. Current shipping carriers include:
1. Fedex

Payment and Returns Terms and Conditions:

All sales are final. By purchasing a Trace, you, the purchaser, agree to the following Payment and Returns Terms and Conditions, superseding any and all written or verbal communications from any company affiliate or representative.

There are two types of refunds: an Immediate Refund and a Return/Reprocess Refund.

All refunds will be issued at the company’s sole discretion, and must fall within the following circumstances:

Immediate Refund Stipulations:
a. Orders are processed daily by 1:30pm Pacific Standard Time (PST).
b. Order cancellation requests are only eligible for an Immediate Refund when requested prior to the unit being processed, requiring cancellation confirmation by an approved Trace Support Agent prior to the processing deadline.
c. Any order placed after 1:30pm PST must be cancelled prior to 1:30pm PST the following business day.
c. Any order cancellation request that occurs after an order is processed for shipment, and/or after an order has actually shipped, will be denied Immediate Refund status.
d. Once any refund is processed it may take up to seven business days for funds to be returned to the customer’s account, according to their financial institution’s requirements.

Return/Reprocess Refund Stipulations:
a. Any request for a refund that is denied Immediate Refund status may still be eligible for Return/Reprocess Refund status.
b. At the company’s sole discretion, and under no obligation, the company may provide return shipping by method of its choice, in response to a refund request, when a unit has been shipped to the customer prior to that request.
c. When a unit has been received by the company through return shipping, three business days will be allowed for the check-in process of the returned unit, prior to a refund being processed. The check-in process may include, but is not limited to, unit testing, reprocessing, repackaging, and restocking.