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Trace creates individual highlights that make your player better - at every age and level of play.

Hello highlights, goodbye editing

Trace is the only camera that automatically records your games and creates highlights just for them. Wearable sensors track them on the field and our AI finds their best angles.

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Capture everything.
No need to edit.

🎥 Record all of your games, home and away

Equip your team with our portable camera system. Trace comes with an autonomous camera to capture all the action, 20 GPS sensors to track each player and a lightweight, 16-foot tripod for a full-field view. Enjoy the game without operating a camera.

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✂️ Focus on what’s important with automatic editing

Whether you're a player, parent, or coach, get to the action without the hassle of editing raw game footage. Trace is the only AI platform that automatically edits your game into playlists of short personalized videos.

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📊 Track progress with player performance metrics

Track useful performance metrics for everyone on the team, along with heat maps and a tactical radar to view team positioning. Your players can see their improvement from game to game with Top Speed, Distance Ran, Minutes Played, Stamina, and Max Efforts.

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🤳 More camera angles. More possibilities with MultiCam.

Place your phone anywhere along the field and our powerful AI technology will stitch your phone video with TraceCam footage to create epic soccer highlights.

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More Than a Soccer Camera

Trace is the only camera that records the game for you and automatically delivers a playlist of each player’s game highlights. No cameraman. No editing required. Highlights are delivered to player’s Trace iD profile within hours of the game. Every play is auto tagged to make it easy to share, analyze, and train.

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