Our AI platform identifies individual moments, on the diamond or in the field, then automatically edits them for sharing & review.

More than a Soccer Camera

Trace is the only soccer camera that records the game for you and automatically delivers a playlist of each player’s game highlights. No cameraman. No editing required.

How Trace works

Effortless Soccer Video
Trace automatically records every game and creates highlights for every player on the field. You’ll never edit video again.

Every Play, Traced
Wearable sensors track each player, while our AI soccer camera finds the best angles of them on the field – no matter the weather!

Your Player’s Highlights
Highlights are delivered to player’s Trace iD profile within hours of the game. Every play is auto tagged to make it easy to share, analyze, and train.

What’s included in my Trace kit?

Sets up in 15 minutes to automatically record up to three 90-minute games, capturing all angles.

Lightweight, stable, 4 ft long (so you can carry it) and expands to 16ft (to film the entire pitch).

Up to 20 sensors (and sleeves) for every player to wear on the back of their dominant leg.

How does Trace deliver game day video & highlights?

Automatic Video
Full game recordings and highlights are delivered to your inbox within 4-6 hours of the game.

Player Playlists
Every player can watch, download, and share the full game videos and their personal highlights.

Team Playlists
Goals, progressions, touches… every play is auto-tagged so coaches can use video to train skills.

How does Trace analyze soccer video?

Tactical Radar
Real-time view of all players on the field allows coaches to manage the shape of the game.

Performance Metrics
Including minutes played, distance ran, top speed, max efforts, and stamina.

Player Heatmap
See where a player spent most of their time on the field.

Ready to start Tracing?

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