Automatic, effortless game highlights

Trace is the only soccer camera that records the game for you and automatically delivers an individual video playlist for each player. No filming. No editing required.

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  • Bring Trace home
Don’t miss memories fumbling with your phone. Trace records the game and sends you what matters most – your child’s best saves, assists, goals, and celebrations.
  • Individual player highlights
Trace is the only camera that records and edits for you. Players, coaches, and parents can rewatch plays, use video to develop skills, and share playlists with friends, family, and recruiters.
  • Your personal profile
Trace iD is included with your purchase! Save your favorite Trace highlights, upload your own video, and create playlists you can easily share.
  • Even more angles
Our unique MultiCam allows you to place your phone along the sidelines to capture even more angles for epic player highlights.

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