Best Practices for Clubs

Divide & Conquer

Over and over again we find that the clubs who find the most success and fastest turnaround times are those that have adopted a practice of giving the responsibilities of video managing to a single (non-coach) person per team.

Managing 3 or more kits on your own is extremely time consuming and can result in unintended mixups. This is too much of a burden for one person to handle.

We recommend that you find a dedicated manager/parent that is responsible for handling a single kit per team during games and then going to their home afterwards and uploading.

Here are some more tips:  

1. Battery Life & Storage

Do not Trace more than 3 games in a single day with one Trace Kit. The battery life and storage space on your kit are limited.

2. Enlist a Video Manager

Enlist a parent or manager to handle the Trace equipment. Coaches should be focusing on their teams.

3. Keep Kits & Teams together

It is best to keep a single kit dedicated to each team. If you have no other choice but to share kits ALWAYS double & triple check the case ID setting inside your game.

4. Spread out the Uploads

Uploading from a central location (i.e. Club Offices) will slow things down exponentially. Find a parent on each team with the best Internet, and let them upload each night

5. Hotel Strategies

When staying overnight in a hotel, always transfer the data to the internal storage each night. To do this, plug everything in as if you’re going to upload and push the upload button. The case will then store everything on its internal storage and upload once connected to wifi.