Let’s distribute Tracers to your team. You should have filled out your roster by now which means that every player has a Tracer number assigned to them. Your roster is accessible on your Trace Teams App.


  1. Press the REC button on the bottom right of your Trace Case to turn on your Tracers
  2. Make sure every Tracer is on and blinking red
  3. Open your trace teams app and click the icon with the two players
  4. Call out names and distribute tracers.
  5. Tracers are worn behind the calf on the dominant leg
  6. Put the Tracer into the sleeve with the blinking light facing up
  7. Wrap the sleeve around your leg
  8. Any unused tracers can be turned off by clicking the stop button in the bottom right corner.
  9. Put your case aside, somewhere safe.


What if a Tracer didn’t turn on? 
Press and hold the button on the side of the Tracer to manually turn on it on.

What happens if I need to switch the lineup in my roster? 
You can open the Roster tab in your Trace Teams app and tap to edit any player assignment.