Game Processing

We calculate processing time from the moment your upload is complete until the moment you receive your results by email.

All games are processed 100% automatically, however to ensure that your results are good we have a staff member look over every game to make sure it is fit to send out. If Tracing volume is very high it may take us longer to look over your game – for example after a big tournament weekend.

You should expect a typical game on a low-volume day back within 4 hours. However, even perfectly Traced and processed games can take longer on days with extremely high processing volume. 

When we find issues during the game verification we hit the “stop” button so that emails are not sent out. At this point, your game is passed on to a staff member that can look into the issues. This process can take a few hours to a few days depending on the severity of the issues.

Here are some possible things that can take us longer to fix:

  • Cameras did not hear the sound sync
  • Some video did not upload
  • The field GPS location was not determined properly
  • Wrong (or no) case ID was set for the game
  • Wrong home team was selected for the game
  • Wrong start time or half-lengths were entered

Sometimes there are things we simply can’t fix. Unfortunately, no results can go out for these games.

  • Unrecoverable video due to cameras not being turned on or malfunctioning
  • The camera fell down during the game
  • The camera is pointed in the wrong direction
  • The camera was not raised fully