Navigate Your Trace Game Results

Once TRACE_BOT finishes processing your game, you will receive an email from Trace. And that’s it–no account activation needed! Tap “see your moments” to review and share your game results.

Click here for an interactive tour of the Trace platform.

Where do I start?

When you first click the link to your game results, if you are a parent or player you will see your player moments playlist. Here you can watch and rewatch any moment you interacted with the ball.  If you’re a coach, you’ll start with the touch chains playlist. 

How do I navigate playlists?

To open the playlist selector, tap the arrows next to the playlist name. Here you can choose your personalized playlist, or any tactical playlist.

TRACE_BOT automatically organizes your moments into the following playlists:

⚽️ goalA goal has been detected
boxAction around the defensive box
off ⅓, def ⅓, mid ⅓Location and direction on the field.
touchOne player has touched the ball
chain2 or more players have touched the ball during this moment.
progressionA player has advanced the ball past 2 or more defenders, either with a pass or dribble.
defensive breakdownWhen the opposing team advances the ball past 2 or more of my team’s defenders via pass or dribble.

Tag editor

Occasionally, TRACE_BOT may tag the wrong player in a moment, or your team might use Trace in an application where Tracers don’t work. When that happens, you can tag players in any moment using the tag editor.

Moment creator

TRACE_BOT makes your life easier by automatically editing your game results. Automatic results are fast, but they aren’t always perfect. If you find a moment  missing, what do you do? Before you create a moment from scratch, check your team’s tactical playlist-your moment may already be there, and you can tag yourself using the tag editor. If you need to create a moment from scratch, you can do so using the moment creator.

Radar view

In the top right corner, you’ll see a map representing where each player is on the field and where they are moving. 

You can click on the map for a larger view of the radar. 

Player performance metrics

To learn more about how an individual player performed, tap the running man.

Here you can see Max EffortsStamina, distance covered, top speed reached, and minutes played. 

In the list of player performance metrics, click on a player’s avatar to see their heat map during the game.

Trace iD

Want a place to save and organize your best moments? We created Trace iD to make saving, organizing, and sharing your moments easy. Add and organize your moments with a few clicks after each match. Share the link to your Trace iD once: the link auto updates as you add more content. Share Trace iD with recruiters, family and friends. Learn more here.

To save a moment to Trace iD, start by tapping the star.

Congrats! Now you are an expert at the Trace interface. Now you can use your metrics to level up your game. 

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