Navigate Your Trace Game Results

Shortly after the game footage has been uploaded, you will receive an email from Trace. And that’s it–no account activation needed! Tap on “go directly to your personal playlist” to review and share your game results.

Player Moments

When you first click the link to your game results, you will see your Player Moments playlist. Here you can watch and rewatch any moment you interacted with the ball.  

How do I navigate playlists?

To navigate to different playlists, tap the playlist name to toggle lists.

In this example, we moved from Coaches Notes to a Personal Playlist. 

Coach Notes (and what are they?)

This playlist is a series of verbal notes that your coach recorded during the game. After the game, Trace Bot assembles all the verbal notes with the game clips to create a series of videos.

Select any one of these clips to hear what your coach has to say.

Touch Chains

Select the touch chain playlist to view every time a player touched the ball. 

Radar View

In the top right corner, you’ll see a map representing where your players are on the field and where they are moving. 

You can click on this image for a larger view. 

Player Performance Metrics

Now, if you want to learn more about how an individual player performed, tap the running man.

Here you can see Max Efforts, Stamina, distance covered, top speed reached, and minutes played. 

Congrats! Now you are an expert at the Trace interface. Now you can use your metrics to level up your game.