Pre-game Setup

What you will need

  1. Trace Teams iOS app for creating your match and starting/stopping the equipment
  2. Trace Cam + battery pack
  3. Tripod + 3 full sandbags (10lbs each)
  4. Trace Case + provided straps

If this is your first time give yourself 45-60 minutes before the game to set up and 20 minutes after the game to pack up.

1. Create a new match

Find the matches tab in your Trace Teams iOS app. Tap Create a new match and follow the steps to select your opponent, game date & time, and half lengths.

2. Set up the tripod at mid field

Set up the tripod 4-5 steps from the midfield line. Secure the tripod with all three sandbags. Each sandbag holds ~10lbs of sand. You will come back to raise the tripod later during the Start Tracing procedure.

Congrats. You are set up and ready to go.

What happens next?
Start Tracing your game about 15-20 minutes before kickoff.