Processing FAQs

Why is my game taking longer than it usually does?

On busier weekends it may take a little longer for your game to process. We do have humans monitoring the system to make sure your game is processing, if your game does have an issue, someone from Trace will reach out to you!

If my game is taking longer is someone taking a look at my game?

Yes. We have humans monitoring the system making sure games are being processed. If there is an issue with your game someone from Trace will reach out to you.

How long does it typically take for a game to process?

It typically takes ~ 4 hours on low volume days, but on busier weekends this can increase.

My game is processing. Does the Trace Case need to stay on?

The Trace Case will automatically shut off when it is done uploading data. If a game is processing that means it has all the data it needs. You may have 1 game processing and other games uploading data from your case, this could be a reason your case is still on and uploading data.

Why can’t I fix my roster?

While a game is processing, the roster and all game details are frozen. If you need to adjust any game details (Roster, Team Names, Times, Colors, etc.) you will need to wait until the game has finished processing and results have been sent.

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