Share Your Videos with Recruiters

Why share videos with college coaches?

Did you know that you’re 11x more likely to get a response if you include video in your email to a college coach? At Trace, we realize how hard clipping video can be. That’s why we’ve simplified the experience. With video playlists, coaches can now watch all your touches in minutes.

What is the best way to share my touches?

Just navigate to your playlist and click on the share button. It’s that simple to share your touches with a college coach:

College coaches want to see your full body of play. That’s why we encourage players to send Trace Player Clips with every touch. If you’re interested in making a personalized highlight video, you can download your playlist for $6.00.

Both techniques save hours of work for the athletes that are eager to share their performance.

Bonus Tip: Coaches love seeing Trace Player Clips because it gives them a complete picture of your ability quickly and easily. Don’t be afraid to send them a playlist that might have a couple of bad plays–every player makes mistakes and a college coach knows this. Being able to see your player stats and every touch is a much better way to get recruited and something college coaches would much rather see.