Trace Case Setup FAQs

Can I upload from a Hotel?

Unfortunately no, The Trace Case is not able to connect to hotel wifi’s so uploading from hotels is not possible.

I am traveling this weekend. What can I do?

When you don’t have access to wifi, you can use the Trace Case to store your data and upload later. To do this, plug everything in as if you’re going to upload and push the upload button. The case will then store everything on its internal storage and upload once connected to wifi. You will know all the files have been stored to your case when the case shuts down (top left icons turn off).

In general, there is no need to copy more than 2 games’ worth to the case. The cameras have ~60 GBs worth of storage on them (if properly managed, a full 90 minute game is about 8-10 GB for each camera).

If you do this, we recommend connecting your case for 2-3 hours without the cameras connected when you begin your upload. The case is a conduit for the upload, and we have seen that the case cannot upload data faster than it downloads it to the case, so that can create errors during the process. Allowing the case to clear its internal storage first will help this process.

Why does Trace not work on unsupported networks?

The Trace Case can only connect to wifis that do not require extra layers of security. Hotels and Schools tend to have additional layers of security that don’t allow the case to connect. Hotspots tend to become throttled and not receive fast enough speeds for the case to upload.

Do I have to connect my case every time I upload?

No. You only need to connect your case to wifi if you are uploading from a new place or your wifi password changes.

My home network isn’t showing up in the list of wifi networks. What do I do?

If you don’t see your network on the list, you can scroll to the bottom of the list, select “+ Add” and type in your network’s name and password.