Trace iD FAQs

What is Trace iD?

Trace iD is the ultimate profile of you as a player. It’s a place to save your top moments, and to see your latest games and stats. Trace iD is more than a highlight reel: it’s a complete picture of you as a player. From any moment, you can jump to that moment in the full game, giving recruiters and coaches full context. Share the link once: Trace iD Auto updates as you play more games and add more moments, so college coaches always have the most up to date profile of you. Here’s an overview of everything that’s included.

Set up your Trace iD:

How do I add a moment to my Trace iD?

Adding a moment is super easy! (Any moment that has already been placed into a playlist can be added to a Trace iD → it can come from any Touch-chain as well as another player’s moments). All you need to do is:

  1. Click on the Star
  2. Add Spotlight
  3. Tag for context

That’s it! You’re done!

How do I change the order of the moments? 

How do I/Can I edit the length of the moment?

The automatic moment editor and Trace iD were built based on feedback from several college coaches. Coaches want to see the build-up and what happens after the play. Trace iD makes this discovery super flexible, by letting them skip forward or back, and to jump to from the moment to the full game. At times, moments may seem longer than you may think is ideal. Moment length is automated and cannot be edited. We recommend using the automatic moments in your Trace iD. If you’d like to create a new moment, you can do so using the moment creator. You can also tag yourself in existing moments in your team’s tactical playlists.

What if a moment isn’t in any playlist and only exists in the full game?

We continue to work to improve automated moment accuracy. At times, TRACE-BOT will miss a moment. You may find that a moment is missing from your personalized playlist, but is available in one of the other game playlists. You can add moments from any playlist to your Trace iD.
Sometimes, moments are not available in any playlist. If you find that we missed a moment, please let us know at q@traceup.com. You can create a moment from full game results using the moment creator.

Can I build this for my son/daughter?

College coaches want to hear directly from the prospective student-athlete.  They do not want to hear from Mom or Dad. After all, Mom and Dad are not the ones going to college to play. The more active a player is within the process, the more they showcase the necessary characteristics that college coaches want to have in their program, such as desire, confidence, determination, intelligence, etc.

We recommend that parents provide constructive feedback during this process while letting the student-athlete steer the ship. 

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How many moments should I have?

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