Trace iD FAQs

Learn how to set up your Trace iD

How do I add a moment to my Trace iD?

Adding a moment is super easy! (Any moment that has already been placed into a playlist can be added to a Trace iD → it can come from any Touch-chain as well as another player’s moments). All you need to do is:

  1. Click on the Star
  2. Add Spotlight
  3. Tag for context

That’s it! You’re done!

How do I change the order of the moments? 

How do I/Can I edit the length of the moment?

We are working with several college coaches to build out Trace iD. They want to see the build-up and what happens after the play. At times this may go slightly longer than what would be ideal. We are focused on automating short-form personalized moments at Trace and would rather spend our time optimizing and correcting the exact time than spend time building out a trimming/clipping tool so that with Trace, our customers won’t need to do any additional work. 

What if a moment isn’t in any playlist and only exists in the full game?

We are working with several college coaches to build out Trace iD. At times, TRACE-BOT will miss a moment. Instead of working on building an editing tool, we are spending all our efforts optimizing the moments and recognition of those moments.

If you simply cannot do without that moment, we would recommend you share the moment’s url with the coach to supplement your Trace iD.

Can I build this for my son/daughter?

College coaches want to hear directly from the prospective student-athlete.  They do not want to hear from Mom or Dad. Afterall, Mom and Dad are not the ones going to college to play. The more active a player is within the process, the more they showcase the necessary characteristics that college coaches want to have in their program, such as desire, confidence, determination, intelligence, etc.

We recommend that parents provide constructive feedback during this process while letting the student-athlete steer the ship. 

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How many moments should I have?

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