TraceCam Beta Testing


  • Join our Slack group! You should have received an invitation. This is the best place to post questions & feedback. Contact Ron to get access.
  • Ron – ron@traceup.com or David – david@traceup.com

Setting up the new camera

This article will walk you through how everything gets connected

Testing the new camera on the field

We would prefer it if you film with both the old and new camera at the same time. This will mitigate risk for your team during beta testing. Once you get comfortable with the new camera you can decide if you want to use it exclusively.

  1. Create 2 games in your iOS app – One for the existing camera and a second for the new camera. (Name the opponent something like “Opponent name TEST”)
  2. Run your normal game as you always do. Hand out Tracers. Sound sync camera etc. Get this part out of the way.
  3. Go to the TEST game and run the new camera – you can skip through all the Tracer stuff bc you did that already. You do not need to setup Tracers for the second game.

The new camera wizard work like this.

What’s new with the new camera?

  • No more USB cables
  • Faster ethernet uploading
  • Single-button operation
  • Voice audio feedback
  • Live preview during game setup
  • Sharper image
  • Hidden feature: Live streaming (Talk to Ron about this)