Tracing Indoors

Does Trace work indoors?

Yes, you can use Trace indoors! In order to receive personalized results, Tracers must be worn and GPS data must be available. But we know that GPS does not always work indoors, and we have you covered! We use computer vision technology to create moments for indoor environments where GPS sensors cannot collect data. This means that Trace will automatically create several different types of moments for games even when a team is not able to wear Tracers. (Without sensor data, moments will be added to tactical playlists, but will not be personalized for players.)

Computer Vision (CV) moments include:

  • Progressions: When your team advances the ball past 2 or more defenders via pass or dribble.
  • Defensive Breakdowns: When the opposing team advances the ball past 2 or more of your team’s defenders via pass or dribble.
  • Box: Action around your penalty or the opponents area (we detect the ball in a penalty area for a certain duration).
  • Goals: Your own teams’ goals and your opponents’ goals.

Players can tag themselves in automated moments using the tag editor. If a player needs a moment that is not included in a CV playlist, they can create their own moments from the full game. Any moment can be added to Trace iD