Traveling With Trace

I am going to a Tournament and cannot upload, what should I do?

The Trace Case is unable to connect to hotel wifi, so here is what we recommend if you are away at hotel Tracing:

Always transfer the data to the internal storage each night. To do this, plug everything in as if you’re going to upload and push the upload button – while you’re not connected to a network, the Tracer data and video files will still transfer to the case. During this process, you will see the lights in the top left corner blinking. Once complete, the case will shut-down automatically. You will be able to recognize that the case has shut itself off because the upload button will no longer be green.

In general, we do not recommend transferring more than 4 games’ worth (1 game = 6-10 GBs) of video data to the case. The cameras themselves have ~60 GB worth of storage on them as well. The case stores everything on its internal storage and will upload once connected to wifi. 

When you do return home, we recommend connecting the case only (no cameras connected) for 2-3 hours to allow the internal storage to upload. Once you have allowed it to upload for 2-3 hours, you can stop the upload, connect the cameras and restart.