Uploading FAQs

If this is your first time go to the Uploading guide.

I’m trying to upload but my case keeps shutting down?

Your case is designed to upload everything that is currently on your tracers and cameras. If it is shutting down quickly that means most likely there is nothing else to upload. If you feel this is wrong please contact support.

I uploaded my game but after the upload completed it did not go to processing – is something wrong?

Depending on how busy the weekend is. It can take 15 – 60 min for our system to begin processing after you have uploaded. If it seems to be taking longer than this please contact support.

Can I upload from a hotel?

No, the Trace Case is unable to connect to hotel wifi. We recommend waiting until you are home to upload.

Does my phone need to be with me when I’m uploading?

No, once you have connected your case to wifi you are free to walk away. Your case will remember the wifi and connect on its own each time you are uploading.

If I’m the one who Traced the game do I need to upload as well?

No, anyone who has the Trace teams app and coach/manager permissions can connect the case to their wifi and upload the game.

The app is telling me bluetooth is off but I check my settings and it is on?

If the app is still telling you that bluetooth is off: Go to the settings app > scroll down till you find Trace Teams > click bluetooth “on”.

How long should my upload take?

A typical game with 2 x 45-minute halves consists of 16gb of video and data. On a 10 Mbps upload connection it would take 3 hours, 49 minutes.  We recommend a minimum of 5 Mbps upload speed.

Is my game still uploading? Can I turn off the case?

When your upload is complete the case will shut itself off automatically and the upload lights will turn off. Check the iOS app and look for the message “upload complete”. If you think that something may be wrong, your case is restarting too much or the upload happened too quickly, contact us.